Tribal tour packages in India

Tribal tour packages in India

From delighted Northeast India to awesome Orissa, intriguing Chhattisgarh and adjusted Jharkhand, the tribal population of India has up to this point figured out how to protect their ancient ceremonies, customs and culture even in the present occasions. The population of tribal people in India alone speaks to around eight percent of the nation’s absolute populace. Thus, you’ll despite everything get the brief look at rich culture and customs of an old India in those ancestral districts and have a life-changing encounter you haven’t had previously. Indeed, even today, every Indian tribal group holds a legacy of customs, which are profoundly established in their way of life. The ancestral visits in India are generally reviving and invigorating.


It’ll take you far away from the chaos of the town and city to the calm and peaceful place where people still believe living an easy life a bit like their ancestors do. The Indian civilization is one among the oldest within the world. you’ll still find the remains of this oldest civilization within the primeval places of the country and explore more about the culture, traditions, rituals, customs and lifestyle of the India tribal people.

Embark on a fantastic journey to the tribal places in India and have an in depth view of the long-standing culture and traditions of the country, which continues to persevere in its primitive surroundings.

At Namaskar India Tour, we introduce you to the ethnic groups with our exclusive Indian Tribal Tour packages which will take you to tribal rich areas of East and North East India . Our travel package will offer you a chance to well explore, understand and knowledge India in its true sense. In this way, get your preferred arrangement of heading out to the provincial towns of India.

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Tribal tour packages in India

Rann Mahotsav Gujarat Tour

11 nights / 12 days

Pushkar Camel Fair Tour

13 nights / 14 days

Pushkar Fair & Rajasthan Tour

16 nights / 17 days

Hemis Festival Ladakh Tour

09 nights / 10 days

International Yoga Festival Rishikesh

09 nights / 10 days

Tribal destinations of India

Travel in its truest form may be a learning experience. Travel should mean you get to ascertain what you probably did not dare imagine, where people find you as unique as you discover them, a journey of learning, not almost those around you, but yourself! One such travel experience is that the journey made at the guts of India, to the varied tribal destinations of the country. Life here has not changed much for thousands of years. because the world progressed into a flurry of technology-dependent living, here are the hot-spots of ancient culture, exciting rituals, and amazing art. Here are the lands of the tribes of India.

Tribal destinations of India

Baisakhi Festival

Eid Festival

Hemis Festival

Kullu Dussehra Festival

Pushkar Fair

Mahamastakabhisheka Festival

The Indian Tribes

In its mysterious past, it incorporates all the diminish sources of life. Their lifestyle is totally different from the remainder of the planet. With an obscure history, they’re still competing to urge alongside the fashionable trend. Their livelihood is especially hooked into agriculture and handicrafts but the tribes of India still display a good spectrum of “another India” you hardly realize. One cannot, however, get the entire picture about the entire tribe just by studying or getting on the brink of one particular tribe as all of them have its own separate culture – food, celebration, dance, music, religion, and language. Still to ask a snappy thought regarding Indian tribes, here might be a complete rundown of 20 tribes picked from various corners of India.

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