Luxury Golden Triangle India Tour Packages – Points to Consider

Luxury Golden Triangle India Tour Packages – Points to Consider

Luxury Golden Triangle India Tour Packages – Points to Consider

If you are browsing for luxury Golden Triangle India tour packages, here are a few points you must consider before choosing one.

The Golden Triangle comprises 3 cities — Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra, each famous for its heritage, culture, traditions, and architecture. A luxury Golden Triangle tour is one of the most popular tours in the country that attracts numerous people from across the globe. People opting for this tour are usually from cities other than the above three, hence the excursion is absolutely new for them. This article is for them.

When it comes to finalizing Golden Triangle tours India, there are certain points that tourists must consider. This way they will not miss any important info, won’t face many difficulties in booking, etc. and make an informed decision. Jump to the following section to read those points. 

Luxury Golden Triangle India Tour Packages – Points to Consider

1. Knowing the Point of Arrival

As mentioned above, the Golden Triangle tour India involves 3 cities – Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, forming a triangle-like shape on the map. Before initiating your tour, you must know the point of arrival, that is the point from where the tour shall begin. This will help you prepare for the journey from home to the initiation point and reach on time without facing difficulties.

2. Total Duration of the Tour

Of course, you must know the complete duration of the tour. You must also have prior knowledge of the complete itinerary of the tour. In fact, it should be with you in writing – From the time and date of arrival to that of departure. This will help you effectively schedule other things before and after the journey.

3. Accommodation & Night Stays 

A knowledge of the accommodation (hotels, night stays, etc.) is necessary when it comes to booking Golden Triangle tour packages. It is, in fact, a crucial part of your journey and will greatly impact your experience. Ask the tour operator about the hotel bookings, its location, and connected amenities beforehand. Do a little research about it on Google to get a rough idea about people’s experiences, too.

4. Choosing the Right Tour Operator/Travel Agency

This should be the topmost point to consider while booking a luxury Golden Triangle tour. A reliable and experienced tour operator like Namaskar India Tour can make the entire booking process convenient. The team will:

  • Share the necessary itinerary and total duration of the tour,
  • Confirm the arrival and departure time and place,
  • Convey the hotel bookings and night stays, and 
  • Mention other amenities to you. 

In addition to the above information, the executives shall inform you if the existing Golden Triangle India tour packages club with other destinations. For instance, they can club with a tour to Pushkar, Pushkar fair, Ranthambore, Udaipur, Bharatpur, etc. The destinations of the club tour, plus the necessary information regarding time, date, total duration, hotel bookings, etc. shall be informed to you within time. 

Wrapping Up

So, these are the significant points that tourists must consider while booking a luxury Golden Triangle tour. Only after careful consideration of these points and having a reliable tour operator by your side, should you go ahead with your much-awaited tour. 

Namaskar India Tour, is one of the pioneering travel agencies, having more than 5 offices across India. Recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, we specialize in creating tailor-made tour plans for tourists so that their travel and vacation experiences can be made extra special. Not only that, we also provide travel tips for beginners and help them with easy car and hotel bookings. 

Connect with us to plan Golden Triangle tours in India at the best rates. 


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