Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days: Things You Can Do

Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days: Things You Can Do

Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days: Things You  Can Do

We all will agree to the fact that we love going on trips and enjoying nature, free time, and getting some peace. We want to live the fullest of that time. But planning a tour is never an easy task.

If you are someone who loves planning and arranging trips then kudos to you but some people are like us who face a lot of difficulties doing that. So, it is suggested, you should try out tour packages for a hassle-free trip.

If Golden Triangle cities on a long weekend is in your mind then make it happen with the Golden Triangle tour 5 days. But before you go on the trip, you need to have a list of things you should do in Golden Triangle cities.

If you do not have it then do not worry, today we are here to discuss some amazing activities you can do during your trip in these cities. So, let us know more about them. Here you go.

Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days Activities

Sight-Seeing During Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days

If you are not aware of Golden Triangle cities then we must tell you that Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra are three cities known as Golden Triangle cities. If you are in these cities and not doing sightseeing is the same as going to a restaurant and not eating. 

In cities like these if you do not enjoy monuments, history, and culture then there is no point in going there. Because all three cities are very rich in culture and have amazing history to uncover.

The best part about them is that you can enjoy royalty at the best locations. Apart from that, naturally, you can see the Aravali Mountain range especially when you travel from Jaipur to Delhi covered with greenery.

Exploring Food is essential during Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days

Now, if you are doing so much sightseeing then how you can miss delicious delights? You need to experience local market food in all these cities. Exploring food is the best activity one can do.

You can also explore the street food in them if you like to make your soul happy. But apart from local or regional food, there are different types of cuisines available which you should experience with the cultural touch of that particular state.

Finding a place to eat can be the best adventure you can experience for that place and a memory for a lifetime. Foodie souls would agree that going to a place and not trying their specialty is just not acceptable. So, do it!

Shop As Much As You Can During Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days!

The thing you can do at almost every place is shopping because if you are going to a new place and do get something from there as memory is next to impossible. Apart from memory thing, every place has its specialties it might be crafts, clothing, or accessories which should not be missed. 

This is why you should explore the authentic taste of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Delhi during your Golden Triangle trip. You cannot miss out on some amazing collections of all these cities and authentic cultures, the biggest shopping markets.

For example, Sarojini Nagar in Delhi, Chhoto Chaupad, and Badi Chaupad are the places in Jaipur, and Sadar In Agra is the biggest local market where you can get everything you need from clothing to home decor and much more.

Bird-Watching in Your Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days

One more activity you can do in Golden Triangle Cities is bird-watching or should say wild-life exploration. If you are a bird lover or nature lover then you must do this activity.

Agra and Jaipur are two peaceful places where you can enjoy bird-watching and experience the most beautiful types of birds and their activities. Plus, Jaipur is a great place where you can also experience amazing wildlife because it has Bird Century and several wildlife parks, nature preserves, and national forests.

So, you should include this activity in your plan for sure because there is something for everyone whether you are a nature lover, wildlife lover, or adventure lover.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, we can say that visiting Golden Triangle cities is a great experience with all these activities. So, you should plan your next trip soon to experience all these fun things, you can do here. With the help of Namaskar India Tour, you can book your Golden Triangle tour 5 days along with many other types of tours based on many categories like festivals, events, region, state, and much more at very affordable prices so that you can enjoy your trip experience. So, check out the website today and book your tour now!


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