Tribal Treks in India

Tribal Treks in India

In India, trekking activity is gaining tons of recognition . People like to enjoy the natural beauty and attractions of the country while indulging during this adventurous activity. lately , a variation of this activity is gaining immense popularity which is trekking within the tribal areas. a number of the main tribal treks within the country are-

Tawang Trekking the Bailey Trail:

The Bailey Train is one among the renowned tribal treks, that’s also one among the historic route. This route was taken by two British officers, Capt. HT Morshed and Lt. Col. F M Bailey. This trek is additionally referred to as Bailey Trail lately and it passes through the Eastern Himalayas pristine forests. during this forest region, the main trees that are found are oak, pine and rhododendrons. While embarking on this lovely trek, trekkers can enjoy the magnificent views of scenic landscapes all around them. Kangto and Gorichen peaks also can be enjoyed from this trek route. Monpa tribe is that the major tribe located during this region.

Tashingang Village to Payangdam Trek:

This trek begins from Pasighat and to succeed in here, one has got to travel via Dibrugarh. From Pasighat, one has got to move to Janging where trekkers can stay overnight in tented accommodation. While passing through Janging, Tuting, and Tashigang village, tons of scenic beauty are often enjoyed and admired. Trekkers like to spot a number of the rare flora and fauna species, while passing through this route. Upper Pyangdam, Tatipuri, Mankota, Singha, Davokota, Lower Payangdam and Bolang areas also got to be passed before returning to Pasighat. the whole area is blessed nature’s bounties.

Monpa Tribal Rhododendrons Trek:

Arunachal Pradesh may be a beautiful state located within the North East of India. The state has been blessed amazing natural beauty, virgin faunal and floral varieties, evergreen forests, roaring rivers and turbulent streams, deep gorges and more and trekkers like to continue this trek. The trek begins from Tezpur/Nameri, Namsu Village, Sangti, Sela Pass, Bangachang, Mokto Village, Shanu Village, Tawang, Bomdila, and back to Tezpur.

Monpa Tribal Trek:

Monpa Tribal Trek is additionally located in Arunachal Pradesh and offers amazing natural beauty all around. The state offers a good range of interesting activities besides trekking like river rafting, mountaineering and more. This trek begins from Nameri Dirang, passes through Thembang, Semnak, Lagam, Chander, Namshu, Sangti, then back to Tawang. While enjoying this trek, people encounter various tribal settlements that give them tons of data about the way of living of tribals.

Tawang Meghalaya Kaziranga ECO Camp:

This is a well-liked ECO Camp in Assam. This trek begins from Guwahati, and passes through the Shillong Peak. From Shillong Peak, one moves on to Tezpur, Bhulakpong, Dirang, Tawang, Zimethang, Bomdila, Tezpur, Kaziranga, then back to Guwahati. At Zimethang, trekkers can visit the famous Buddhist Monastery located during this area. While passing through Kaziranga, they will enjoy a visit to the famous park . People like to enjoy the elephant ride and jeep safari while exploring the park and spotting wildlife in their natural habitat.

Assam Nagaland Festival Tour:

Nagaland and Assam are two beautiful Indian states located within the north east of the country but haven’t been explored tons . Visitors like to enjoy and determine more about the rich Nagaland culture and immense great thing about Assam. many of us visit these places during the famous Hornbill Festival, during which they will enjoy the normal songs, dances and culture of those places.

Tawang Kaziranga:

People like to visit Tawang and Kaziranga, both famous for a spread of reasons. In Tawang, they will visit the famous Tawang Monastery, Gorsham Chorten, PT Tso, and lots of more attractions. In Kaziranga park , they will visit the famous park , where they will enjoy spotting a spread of wildlife in its natural habitat.


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