Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses

Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses

Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses are believed to be the foremost glamorous and most colorful wedding dresses within the whole world. The marriage dresses worn by Indians are very different from the western sort of bridal gown. If you’re Getting Married in India you ought to definitely have a glance into the small print of a standard Indian Wedding.

Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian wedding dresses for the brides are generally red as this is often the colour considered to be related to good luck and is believed to bring the couple much happiness in future life. Indian wedding dresses are often a mixture of intricate patterns, threading, sequences and beadwork. The Indian wedding dresses are usually made from a cloth that reflects light well like satin, silk, or chiffonWhether you’re a habitual lover of sari or not but thereon day the foremost loved ensemble in your wardrobe is meant to be this piece of lovely 9-yard cloth, your bridal sari! In-fact, quite just a stunning outfit, the Indian wedding sari holds tons of emphasis within the Indian tradition.

Types of Indian Bridal Dress

There is such a fantastic amount of cultural and non secular diversity within the Indian sub-continent that the precise sort of Indian wedding dresses will vary from region to region.

Sari: A sari may be a length of fabric that’s wrapped round the body in an intricate pattern. The length of fabric that is still after the sari has been wrapped is named the pallu.

Ghagra Choli: A gaghra choli usually consists of a really long skirt and short blouse.

Shalwar kameez: A shalwar kameez may be a long tunic over pants, also with a dupatta draped across the chest. counting on the bride’s preference, the dupatta also can be worn round the neck, over the top or pinned to at least one shoulder on the side.

Indian Bridal Accessories

Along with the marriage dress, there are certain elements of wedding wear that are essential to an Indian bride to form her feel complete. These accessories include necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and hair ornaments, all worn at an equivalent time! this sort of in depth ornamentation may be a traditional a part of the marriage . Additional accessories include shoes, handbag and flower garlands to be placed round the neck.

New Trends in Indian Bridal Wear

Red color is taken into account to be the foremost gorgeous color fit an Indian woman. Newer and softer reminder red is slowly but surely making their way into the Indian bridal collection. Another interesting trend is that the fusion of Western style with traditional bridal themes. Some modern brides are choosing to pair cleaner lines with the normal elaborate sort of previous generations.

The salwar kameez and Lehenga Cholis are great alternative for western brides.

The salwar kameez comes in many various styles. the foremost interesting fact about shalwar Kameez as a bridal wear is that salwar kameez is usually less costly than other wedding dresses like saris.

Another example of Indian bridal wear that appears great on any size is that the lehnga cholis. delivered to India by the Moguls thousands of years ago, the lehnga cholis may be a skirt and blouse combination that’s rapidly becoming a favourite in Indian bridal wear. The lehnga cholis is dressy enough to be worn as a marriage dress yet also can be form to other formal occasions.


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