Regional Fair and Festivals in India

Regional Fair and Festivals in India

The Indian Calendar moves on the hints and tunes of unlimited legends and convictions. If calculation is to be believed then there’s a minimum of one festival or fair held within the country every day. The greater parts of the festivals spin around well known religion convictions or the renowned fables from India’s brilliant past. Each region, district and state has confirmed to the norms of celebrating the local and national legacies that are left behind by either people or super naturals. Where some festivals are for welcoming the harvest season or the triumph of excellent over evil, some are merely held to initiate trade and merrymaking. Reasons could also be stupendous and surplus but what counts most is that the quite zeal, dedication and devotion that these festivals and fairs in India are being celebrated within the country.

Arunachal Pradesh

Fairs and celebrations in Arunachal Pradesh are for the most part associated with farming and animal penance. Arunachal is that the land of the many tribes, thus the fests within the state often reflect the life-style and beliefs of the people. Solung, Mopin, Nyokum, Losar, Sanken, Boori Boot, Dree, Nechi Dau, Khan, Kshyatsowai, Longte Yullo, Loku, Moi, Ojiale, Reh, Si-Donyi and Tamladu are the principle provincial fairs and celebrations in Arunachal Pradesh.


Commending decent variety and fellowship, fairs and celebrations in Assam are the impression of individuals’ conviction and their euphoria in little things. Colorful and zealous are the terms that describe best the image of celebrations in Assam. Bihu, Ambubachi in Kamakhya shrine, Shivaratri Mela at Umananda and other places near Shiva temples, Durga Puja, Dol-Jatra, Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Ashokastami Mela, Rash Mela, Parasuram Mela, Baishagu, Ali-Ai-Ligang, Baikho, Rongker, Rajini Gabra Harni Gabra, Bohaggiyo Bishu and Jonbill Mela are a number of the main festivals and fairs in Assam.


A cycle of festivals follows throughout the year in Manipur. an ideal blend of traditional lifestyle and rich culture endorses most of the festivals and fairs in Manipur. curtailing the monotony of life and adding precious amount of fun and frolic in one’s life, the fairs and festivals are the way of life in Manipur. Lai Haraoba, Rasa Leela, Cheiraoba, Ningol Chak-Kouba, Rath-Jatra, Eid-ul-Fitr, Imoinu Iratpa, Gaan-Ngai, Lui-Ngai-Ni, Eid-ul-Zuha, Yaoshang (Holi), Durga Puja, Mera Houchongba, Diwali, Christmas, Kut, Chumpha, Heikru Hingtonqba and Kang are the main festivals and fairs in Manipur.


Dancing to the glory, the Meghalayan tribes have their thanks to celebrate their prime occupation of agriculture. Celebrating the sowing season and therefore the harvest season, Meghalaya dances to the beats of drums and duitara. Ka Pamblang Nongkrem, Shad Sukmynsiem, Behdeinkhlam are the main festivals celebrated in Meghalaya.


A huge inhabitation of clans denotes the festival situation at Nagaland. The state takes great joy in dancing and playing music along side organizing massive feasts. Sekrenyi, Moatsu, Tokhu Emong, Angami, Ao, Chakhesang, Chang, Zemi, Sumi, Hornbill and Tuluni are a number of the main festivals and fairs in Nagaland.


Celebrating life and faith, most of the festivals in Sikkim are supported the Buddhist Calender. Right from worshipping Mt. Mt. Khangchendzonga to praising the drop of Buddha from paradise, Sikkim respects Lord Buddha every way under the sun.Dance and music are the highlights of most of the festivals and fairs here. Maghey Sankranti, Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja and Chaite Dassai/Ram Navami Dassai, Tyohar, Sonam Losoong, Namsoog, Tendong Lho Rum Faat (Worship of Mt. Tendong), Losar (Tibetan New Year), Saga Dawa, Drupka Teshi, Phang Lhabsol, Bum Chu and Lhabab Dhuechen are the main festivals and fairs in Sikkim.

Jammu & Kashmir

Vast culture diversity gives many reasons to the state of Jammu & Kashmir to celebrate. The celebrations and fairs here depend to a great extent on strict convictions and show a clear face of culture and custom. Hemis Festival, Jhiri Mela, Chaitra Chaudash, Tulip Festival, Saffron Festival and Khichri Amavasya are some major festivals within the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Himachal Pradesh

Abode of quite 2000 deities, Himachal Pradesh is that the land of festivals and fairs. Most of the fairs and festivities within the state are held in honour of the sacred deities. Lively ethnic music and traditional dance is that the highlight of merrymaking within the state. Gugga Fair, Fullaich festival, Sui Mata Festival, Minjar Fair, Sazo, Phugal, Beesh, Dakhraini, Losar and Tribal Festival are the most festivals and fairs in Himachal Pradesh.


The Land of the Gods, Uttarakhand shows reverence to the supreme power by celebrating it within the sort of fairs and festivals. At each fair and festival in Uttarakhand one or the opposite sort of nature and supreme power is honoured. The popular Kumbh Mela and Ardh Mela is held in Haridwar nearby Devidhura Mela (Champawat), Purnagiri Mela (Champawat), Nanda Devi Mela (Almora), Gauchar Mela (Chamoli), Baisakhi (Uttarkashi),Magha Mela (Uttarkashi), Uttaraini Mela (Bageshwar), Vishu Mela (Jaunsar Bhabar), Peeran-Kaliyar (Roorkee), and Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra, Bhitauli, Harela, Dikar Puja, Batsavitri, Phooldei, Ganga Dusshera, Olgi or Ghee Sankranti, Khatarua, Ghuian Ekadashi and Ghughutia are some significant celebrations and fairs in Uttarakhand.


Celebrating the way of life, Punjab and Haryana can rightly be called the Land of Celebrations. just like the two states share an equivalent capital, they somehow share same fairs and festivals also . Baisakhi, Teej, Lohri, Holla Mohalla, Tika, Sanjhi, Guru Purab and Surajkund Craft Mela are a number of the main festivals and fairs in Punjab and Haryana.


Celebrating blended culture and conventions, Delhi’s reasonable and celebration likewise observe a combination of culture and innovation. A feast of festivals and fairs dots the town and offer a pleasing and vibrant picture. Phoolwalo ki Sair, International Mango Festival, India International Trade Fair and Qutub Festival are a number of the main fairs and festivals in Delhi.

Uttar Pradesh

A fairly rich culture that blends with belief, lifestyle and tradition of Uttar Pradesh offer a resplendent picture of celebration within the state. that specialize in religion and trade the fair and festivals in Uttar Pradesh are a vibrant and vivacious affair. Ramnavmi Mela (Ayodhya), Deva Mela (Barabanki), Kailash Fair (Agra), Kumbh Mela & Maha Kumbh Mela and Magh Mela (Allahabad), Bateswar Fair (Agra), Rambarat (Agra), Kartik Poornima & Lolark Shashthi (Varanasi), Ganga Mahostsava (Varanasi) and Ayudha Puja are the main festivals and fairs in Uttar Pradesh .


A culturally rich state, Bihar is like many of the opposite Indian states which take great pleasure in celebrating India’s glorious past. The greater part of the fairs and celebrations in Bihar rotate around horticulture and Hindu confidence. Chhath, Sonepur Mela, Gaya Pitrapaksha Mela, Saurath Mela, Sama-Chakeva, Bihula and Madhushravani are the main festivals and fairs in Bihar.


Fairs and Festivals in Jharkhand mainly specialise in honoring Mother Nature and paying gratitude towards her. Tree adore and giving proper respect to managing divinities are the features of the vast majority of the celebrations here. Sarhul, Karma, Tusu Parab or Makar, Hal Punhya, Bhagta Parab, Rohin and Bandna, Kundla Mela (Pratappur), Kolhua Mela (Hunterganj), Chatra Mela and Bhadli Fair are the most fairs and festivals in Jharkhand.

Madhya Pradesh

Mythological, cultural and trade influence are often seen clearly within the fairs and festivals in Madhya Pradesh. This focal Indian state offers touch of everything inside the festivals, vivacious music, exemplary move structure and love of the character , Madhya Pradesh appears to give proper respect to Mother Nature and its blessings of different types . Lokrang, Khajuraho Dance Festival, Tansen Sangeet Samaroh, Bhagoriya, Malwa (Indore, Ujjain, Pachmarhi) and Gwalior Trade Fair are some of the fundamental celebrations and fairs in Madhya Pradesh.


The colourful state of Chhatisgarh is understood for several vibrant fairs and festivals. Respecting strict confidence, instilled in rich culture, Chhatisgarh celebrates with each reasonable and celebration. Bastar Dassera, Bastar Lokotsav, Madai Festival, Bhoramdeo Festival, Goncha Festival, Champaran Mela, Narayanpur Mela, Fagun Wadai, Koriya Mela, the world Festival, the essential Fruits Festival, Chakradhar Samaroh, Hareli Festival, Pola Festival and Teeja Festival are a number of the most festivals in Chhatisgarh.

West Bengal

The cultural hub of India, West Bengal is that the epitome of enthusiasm and zeal. The state celebrates every small and large festival and fair with equal fervour. Bengali New Year (Poila Baishakh), Kolkata Book Fair, Bishwakarma Puja, Mahalaya, Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja, Kolkata festival , Gangasagar Mela, Poush Mela and Tribal Art Festival in Purulia are a number of the main fairs and festivals in West Bengal .


The lively and great place that is known for Indian history, Rajasthan offer a conclusive glad image of India.The state celebrates many fairs and festivals by honoring traditions, taking pride in rich culture and therefore the art of trade. In Rajasthan we do celebrates lots of fairs and festivals such as Baneshwar Fair, Matsya Festival, Braj Mahotsav, Jaipur Literature Festival, Mewar Festival, Bundi Utsav, Pushkar Camel Festival, Nagaur Fair, Chandrabhaga Fair, Jodhpur Folk Festival, Jaiselmer Desert Festival, Kailadevi Fair, Shekhawati Festival, Kajli Teej, Summer Festival, Kumbhalgarh Festival, Teej Festival, Forhex Fair, Mahaveer Ji Fair, Gangaur Festival, Marwar Festival and Winter Festival Mt. Abu are a number of the most festivals and fairs of Rajasthan.


With most of the fairs and festivals supported solar and eclipse , the celebrations in Gujarat are observed with great enthusiasm and fervour. In Gujrat we celebrate lots of fairs and festivals such as International Kite Festival, Diwali, Tarnetar Fair, Holi, Janmashtami, Navratri, Shamlaji Fair, Kutch Mahotsava, Modhera Dance Festival, Bhadra Purnima and Vautha Fair


The preserver of great heritage and tradition of India, the state of Maharashtra also has its special thanks to celebrate its assets. The fairs and festivals in Maharashtra are mostly focused on the rich history and popular belief prevalent within the state. In Maharashtra we do celebrates lots of fairs and festivals such as Changdeo Fair, Ganesh Chaturthi, Kala Ghoda Festival, Khuldabad Urs, Kiran Utsav, Nashik Kumbh Mela, Mount Mary Festival, Navaratra Mahalaxmi Fair, Pune Festival, Rath Yatra, Pola, Shrirama Rathotsava Fair and Naag Panchami are a number of the main festivals in Maharashtra.


Rightly called the land of fun, feast and frolic, Goa is a zealous that celebrates fairs and festivals with great enthusiasm. The unique culture and therefore the slight influence of the state of Maharashtra, Goa has some colourful fairs and festivals. Gudi Padwa, Margao Feast, Procession of Saints, Feast of Peter Paul, Shigmo festival, Seafood festival, Konkan fruit festival and Fontainhas Festival of Arts, Bonderam Festival, Feast of Three Kings, Mardi Grass Festival, Christmas Carnival, Goa Carnival and Sao Joao Festival are the most festivals and fairs in Goa.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli

The socially well off province of Dadra and Nagar Haveli praises each celebration with equivalent enthusiasm and intensity. Like all the socially rich states in India, Dadra and Nagar Haveli have barely any provincial celebrations that mark its remarkable personality. Dadar and Nagar Havelis are famous for fairs and festivals. The people celebrates lots of fairs and festivals such as Pongal, Masimagam Festival, Villianur Temple Car Festival, Bastille Day , French Food Festival, Christmas and Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo.


Fairs and Festivals in Karnataka often revolve round the Hindu mythology and popular beliefs. Culture and tradition also are the highlights of the celebrations within the state. The people of Karnataka celebrates lots of fairs and festivals such as Sri Vithappa fair, Sri Shidlingappa’s fair, The Godachi fair, Shri Yellamma Devi fair, Banashankari Devi fair, Ugadi, Kar Hunnive, Shravan Mondays, Nagarpanchami, Gowri Hunnive, Shigi Hunnive, Navaratri or Nadahabb, Makar Sankramana and Yellu Amavasya are the main festivals and fairs in Karnataka.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu celebrates the rich culture and tradition that it owns in abundance. the main fairs and festivals in Tamil Nadu majorly specialise in the beliefs and cultural wealth of the state. Merrymaking is indeed the art in Tamil Nadu. The people of Tamil Nadu  celebrates lots of fairs and festivals such as Pongal Festival, Tea and Tourism Festival, Natyanjali Festival, Chithirai Festival, Mango Festival, Saral Festival, Velankanni Festival, Summer Festival, Cape Festival, Dance Festival and Karthigai Deepam.


As beautiful as this state is, It’s similarly beautiful regional festivals and fairs. Offering a vibrant picture and therefore the jovial environment during the festivity season, Kerala flaunts its rich culture and traditions. Dance and music are indeed the highlights of every fair and festival. The people of Kerala celebrates lots of fairs and festivals such as Makaravillakku Festival, Kerala Village Fair, Aluva Sivarathri Festival, Aluva Sivarathri Festival, Thrissur Pooram Festival, Vishu Festival, Onam Festival, Thiruvathira Festival, Navarathri Festival, Pongal Festival, Chandanakudam Mahotsavam and Nishagandhi Dance and Music Festival are the most regional festivals and fairs in Kerala.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh celebrates its rich culture and honors the favored beliefs within the state. The melody of the bygone era and therefore the gift called life are the rationale of most of the festivals and fairs in Andhra Pradesh . Deccan Festival, Lumbini Festival, Tirupati Festival, Visakha Utsav, Ugadi Festival, Pongal Festival and Rayalaseema Food and Dance Festival are the most festivals of Andhra Pradesh .


Other worldliness and culture is significantly observed celebrated at Odisha.The fairs and festivals within the state are blended perfectly with the devotion and music that soothes ears. Dance, music and worship are the highlights of the joyous festivities within the state. Dola Purnima, Chandan Yatra, Snana Yatra, Ratha Yatra, Konark Dance Festival, Puri Beach Festival, Bali Yatra, Dhanu Yatra are the main fairs and festivals held in Odisha.Fairs and Festivals by Month


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