Guru Purnima Festival

Guru Purnima Festival

A great message for observing communal harmony, Guru Purnima is widely known by most the religious community including Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. Guru holds the foremost significant place in one’s life, and today is widely known to honor the tutorial and spiritual gurus altogether religions. In Indian culture, disciples worship their spiritual or academic guides on today . Traditionally, the Buddhists celebrate Guru Purnima to pay reference to lord Budhha, and therefore the Hindus worship the good sage Maharishi Ved Vyasa on this sacred day. Guru Purnima is additionally significant to farmers because the festival marks the arrival of rains in major states of India every year .

What are Rituals and History behind the Celebration of Guru Purnima Festival

Different cultures have different history related to this festival. The Hindus believe that Maharishi Ved Vyas was born on today while yogic culture says that, Adiguru-the first of the seven sages, was born on today within the Himalayas. Guru Purnima is widely known on the complete moon day in Ashadh (June to July), consistent with the Hindu calendar . Disciples eagerly await the day to pay gratitude to the gurus to receive their valuable blessings. This festival celebrates the sacred bond between the disciple and therefore the guru.

Celebration of Guru Purnima

The morning of Guru Purnima begins with the washing the footwear characteristic of Gurus. Various programs are conducted by religious organization on the occasion of Guru Purnima. Guru Purnima is taken into account to be the simplest time when disciples can take new resolutions for getting into a unseen. Gifts and sweets are offered to gurus, some disciples also fast on today in honor of their spiritual teachers. “Satsang” and “Pooja” are organized, and sages are fed after worshipping. Disciples also sing bhajans in respect of their gurus.


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