Eid Festival

Eid Festival

“Eid- Celebrating the Quintessence of Harmony and Brotherhood”

Eid is a consecrated festival when the Muslims close and embrace each other with promises of good cause, benevolence, congruity and fraternity.This festival isn’t about being happy but to form others happy and nurture their desires. The Islam community from all across the world shows their gratefulness to Allah for everything they own. There are two sorts of Eids that are celebrated throughout the world with great fervor and fun. the primary one is Eid-ul-fitr and other being Eid-ul-Azha. Eid-ul-Fitr marks the top of Ramadan (Ramjan) when the Muslims break the fast, whereas Eid-ul-Azha honors the top of the Haji Pilgrimage. Both are celebrated everywhere the planet by Muslims.

Upon the arrival of festivity, Muslims offer blessings to those out of luck and commend it with incredible love and satisfaction.Moreover, they get together in hundreds in places like Jama Masjid to supply prayers.

The Mores and Celebrations During Eid

Muslims help the destitute people with food or garments on the propitious day of Eid.Some donate money which is named as Zakat Al Fitr and is believed to be a requirement of every and each pious Muslim during Ramadan. Muslims rise up early and break their fast by having some dates. However, what adds magic to the present festivity is that the beautiful new clothing which is specially purchased to attend Salah. During the time, the garment stores that specialize in Eid goods remain full of customers. Additionally to the present, the web sites make shopping easy for the purchasers looking clothes on such occasions.

The Eid clothing for men includes Kurta Pajama, Mojri, Taqiyah and lots of more whereas for women- Salwar, Lehenga Choli, Kameez and ornate hijabs.

All those that haven’t done charity can donate food to the needy. It’s a main feature in celebration of Eid and there’s a desert called Sevai which is formed on today for the visitors.

Eid Celebrations in times

It is a time to satisfy the dearest ones and celebrate it by exchanging greetings and gifts. In memory of the precursors, people visit Graveyards which is hailed as Ziyazrat Al kub’r.Every Muslim cleans their house and placed on the simplest outfits and jewellery to form this festival of joy more appealing. Kids get the “Eidi” as a present from their relations .

It is a period of dapperness and festivities yet while savoring generally overlook the substance of this event. Allah causes you to realize that folks shouldn’t stop anyone in need as during the Eid when Muslims fast they need to sacrifice their starvation and looking for water.


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