Cycling Tours in India

Cycling Tours in India

India on cycle offers a good ranging Cycling vacations for people of all abilities and ages. the colourful and delightful country India primarily assaults your senses and perception with the sounds, sights, colours and fragrances that are unique to every and each region. While cycling through India, you’ll never ever experience a dull moment or an uneventful sight, albeit you’re on a cycling trip to a flat long stretch of the mighty Thar Desert. there’ll be peacocks, sheep, cows and camels to accompany you everywhere. Indian cycling routes usually involve following the jungle trails, village paths and therefore the back roads which make it a particularly off the beat and authentic trail.

India is such a various country that you simply can experience a replacement cycling tour whenever . From the lofty mountain landscapes of the majestic Himalayas, through the Moghul forts of the traditional Rajasthan to the sultry south and Kerala ‘God’s own country’, there are countless cycling opportunities for people with every interest also as ability. there’s a requirement to hide an upscale and diverse culture on the 2 wheels by bicycle adventurers. Riding a cycle offers the chance to form memorable memories with the locals in India and knowledge the rich cultural Indian heritage at an equivalent time.

Below may be a list of places which shouldn’t be missed by while you’re on a cycling tour in India-

Cycling in Himachal

Himachal offers unlimited opportunities for long cycling tours or expeditions to the journey lovers. A mesmerizing expedition through the varying scenery of the state of Himachal Pradesh renders the traveller speechless. Moving from the luxurious green view of the Kinnaur region to the awful moonscape of the cold deserts of Spiti and Lahaul to verdant meadows and valleys of charming hill station Manali is breathtakingly beautiful. A biker witnesses an ideal blend of Buddhism and Hinduism throughout the cycling route. For leisure and relaxed cyclists, the gorgeous and plush Kullu valley, provides a superb opportunity. the trail of the valley leads through the dense pine forests, luxuriant green fields, sleepy villages and vibrant orchards.

Cycling to Spirited Manali – Leh

A cycling tour from Manali to Leh is supposed for the journey enthusiasts who are ardent and passionate cyclists. Manali to Leh should be definitely picked by those adventure seekers who are checking out a lifelong amazing cycling experience. rock bottom cycling path on this route is 3978 m and therefore the highest cycling pass is of 5602 m. Certainly, the fruits of cycling on Manali – Leh bike route are priceless. Frozen glaciers, Incredible lofty mountain peaks, Lush green valleys and meadows, remote settlements, serene monasteries, verdant alpine lakes, pure crystal rivers and wind- blown luxuriant valleys aren’t even complete to explain the important and natural great thing about the bike route from Manali to Leh. Undoubtedly, a number of the foremost beautiful landscapes are often experienced within the Indian Himalayas during a cycling expedition to Manali-Leh.

Cycling in Kumaon

Having the foremost picturesque Himalayas of the country, Kumaon region is a perfect cycling destination with its extensive fields straddling along the luxurious green majestic mountains. within the Almora district, there’s a cycling track along the flat plain valleys of the Kumaon Himalayas. Here, the open valleys are sprinkled with the gorgeous little rivers, small towns and villages. Further, the cycling journey are often experienced to its best by visiting some important religious centres and wildlife sanctuaries. Common wildlife which will be seen while cycling is namely, leopards, boar and therefore the muntjac . The places to be visited on the thanks to the tour are Kathgodam, Chargolia, kaladungi, kotabag, bhatrajkhan, ranikhet, binta, someshwar, kausani, bageshwar, imora and Delhi etc.

Cycling in Colourful Rajasthan

A captivating land of famous palaces and forts, Rajasthan is certain to charm you with its splendours. Very on the brink of Delhi, within the huge spread of India’s excellent golden sun kissed desert state of Rajasthan, dances, legends and folk songs by vibrantly dressed people in brightly coloured vivid rural towns, keep the past kingdom eras, forts and palaces alive for the people to observe during their distinctive bike cycling tours in India. the colors and vibrancy of Rajasthan are always seen while having a tremendous cycle expedition from the once powerful princely state of the pink- hued Jaipur, along side the sandy land dotted by the dazzling splashes of the skirts and turbans of villagers, to Jodhpur (the blue city) and end at the “City of lakes”, Udaipur.

Cycling in Garhwal

A cycling tour in Garhwal will take you to the Indian Himalayas situated within the Uttarakhand state. The trip are going to be an ideal blend of adventure and a visit to the foremost eminent Himalayan pilgrimage spots in Garhwal. Wildlife lovers also can cycle through the Corbett park . The breath taking view of the majestic and snow- clad Himalayan peaks is worth a visit.

Cycling in Sikkim

Another destination that’s worth exploring by the cyclists is Sikkim, which allows the visitors to require pleasure within the cultural heritage and vibrant lifestyle of the people living here. Mountain biking is one among the simplest adventure products of Sikkim. The dramatic and rugged terrain of Sikkim Himalayan peaks offers thrilling biking trails to the varied adventure seekers. the gorgeous country side, lifestyle and flora and fauna in Sikkim are best experienced from the bike’s seat as you wander through verdant green dales and hills. Sikkim welcomes the bikers with its breathtakingly beautiful lush green scenery punctuated with vivid orchids and rhododendrons, Tibetan Buddhist culture, ancient monasteries and enriched superior tea.

Cycling in Magical Ladakh

The cycling holiday from Ladakh starts from riding past the smiling and bright locals in precariously perched homes also because the ancient monasteries located on the mountain ledges. While cycling, these mountains offer a landscape filled with humped camels, farms, crystal glacial rivers flowing through the valleys with fruitful orchards, and prayer flags. The breathtaking view of the extensive plains offers an enormous respite to a cyclist. A cycling tour to Ladakh causes you to feel in heaven. it’s truly a paradise on earth.

Rajasthan Rural Cycling

Here, you get a chance to cycle the agricultural and rustic roads of the tiny villages nestled up against the magnificent forts and stretched unevenly through the village side, sharing the route with water buffaloes, goats and camels. The marvellous architectural sights of the forts rising out of the landscapes are a daily a part of the tour through rural Rajasthan. When the renowned Brahma temple at Pushkar and intricately carved Ranakpur Jain temples are visited, the role of faith becomes very evident during this region to the cyclists. Through centuries, this area has allured many cyclists and bikers. they’re ready to see the normal and ancient Rajasthani life and that they also are drawn on the brink of the rich Rajasthani culture.

Thus, you’re bound to receive a really warm welcome from the people wherever you choose cycling in India. So, make your memorable bike trip now!


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