Bird Watching Treks in India

Bird Watching Treks in India

People who have seen the majestic Himalayas have experienced changing the colour of this range together goes from west to east and from the low altitude to high altitude. Trekking during this magnificent range offers amazing scenic views that are loved and appreciated by beauty lovers, particularly nature’s beauty. This range is additionally popular to deal with an upscale array of flora and fauna. Rare avian species also can be enjoyed. In fact, bird lovers continue bird watching treks in India to admire the sweetness of rare species of birds. There are many treks in India, which are known for unique bird varieties. a number of the famous ones are-

Bird watching in Hemis park :

This beautiful park is nestled in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. Considered together of the most important South Asian National Parks, it’s also famous for largest contiguous protected area, housing 73 species of birds. it’s considered as a dream destination for the bird watchers as they get a chance to enjoy spotting rare species like Lammergeier vulture, Aquila chrysaetos , griffon , Robin Accentor, Chukar, Tibetan Snowfinch, Tickell’s Leaf Warbler, Fire Fronten Serin and lots of more amazing species. This park sprawls in 4,400 sq km. Alpine forests and lofty mountains offer an ideal backdrop to those amazing species to enjoy an outstanding habitat.

Bird Watching in Valley of Flower Trek:

Another destination that bird watchers like to visit is Valley of flowers. because the name suggests, visitors can enjoy admiring a huge expanse of colourful flowers all around during this trek. Snow clad mountains envelop this trek that’s located at a height of three , 600 m altitude. This captivating valley allows magnificent birds to reside during this area. a number of the exotic species seen here are Taarke Jureli, Himalayan Bulbul, Rosefinch and lots of more. These are simply amazing to enjoy and therefore the beautiful nature adds to the attraction.

Bird Watching on Chopta Chandrashila Trek :

Chopta may be a beautiful destination, seems to be faraway from the civilization and nestled amidst the bounties of Mother Nature. Dense pine forests during this area allow many birds to create their homes. This place is not any doubt a paradise for the character lovers, trekkers and bird watchers. Chopta is essentially alittle village located within the Garhwal Himalayas and therefore the bird treks passes through the mighty Deodar and Pine trees. Besides Monal, that’s the foremost common bird during this area, many other rara avis species are often spotted here. Birds chirping in melodious voice and funky , salubrious breeze allow trekkers to enjoy this trek immensely.

Bird Watching on Singalila Ridge Trek:

The Singalila Ridge trek is understood for alpine and temperate vegetation, on the brink of the snows. Indo-Burmese and Himalayan sorts of avifauna are often seen on this trek. quite 120 bird species are often spotted here. a number of the foremost popular ones are Satyr Tragopans, Rufous Fronted Tits, Blood Pheasants, Fulvous Parrotbills, Golden breasted Fulvettas, etc. Unique eco system are often seen during this region that’s loved and appreciated by trekkers. Amazing bird species and nature’s pleasures make this place simply outstanding.


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