Angling Tours in India

Angling Tours in India

Angling is a stimulating activity that’s enjoyed by many of us who are adventurously inclined. Though, India isn’t too famous for this activity, except for previous couple of years, it’s been gaining popularity as an ideal destination providing exhilarating angling activity. This recreational activity may be a pleasure to be enjoyed by many naturalists. In India, there’s no dearth of fast flowing rivers. These streams and rivers originate from glaciers and permit perfect points where angling activity are often enjoyed. a number of the rivers where this activity is allowed are.

Upper Ramganga River:

Ramganga River, located within the Corbett park . people that visit this place to enjoys angling activity are assisted by fishing guide who take the visitors to appropriate place to enjoy the activity more. Here, the river is supported by unique aquatic life that encompasses the fish eating Ghariyal, Mugger, Common Otter, Fishing Eagles and lots of more. For anglers, this river is taken into account to be the foremost appropriate. People like to catch Rohu, Goonch, Malee and Trout.

Tirthan Valley :

Another beautiful place where people like to enjoy angling is Tirthan Valley, which get its name from the Tirth River, the source of which is Hanskund Peak. The place enjoys pleasant weather all around the year. the good Himalayan park is additionally located during this area. Emerald meadows, lush green Coniferous forests, snowy peaks, exotic flowers and pristine glaciers make this destination truly divine. The fast paced Tirthan River allows anglers to identify clear pools of fish and this makes the activity all the more interesting.

Angling in Kashmir:

Kashmir is taken into account together of the simplest angling destinations in India. this is often because the rivers in Kashmir are crystal clear. There are streams, springs, high altitude lakes, gigantic mountain peaks that are snow capped, verdant meadows, pine forests, and an upscale array of flora and fauna, that creates the destination truly divine. This state is visited by anglers from the various parts of the planet to enjoy the activity within the beautiful lakes and rivers. Anglers like to catch trout like Gurez, Wangath, Lidder, Lam, Hamal, Bringi, Hirpora, Kokernag, Aharbal, and lots of more. The angling season starts from the month of April and continues till September.

Angling in Kali River:

Angling enthusiasts like to enjoy this activity within the famous Kali River, located within the Himalayan region. Anglers like to catch Mahseer, which is that the commonest fish species found here. People like to enjoy the famous fish catching activity. This activity has been famous since the time of Britishers who wont to enjoy angling as their favorite pass time. a well-liked sporting fish, the Golden Mahseer is found in great abundance within the Kali river and allows angling enthusiasts to enjoy an excellent time catching them. The activity is allowed in Pancheshwar, Gaht, Chuka, Jauljibi and Boom.

Angling in Sangla Valley:

Sangla Valley is another popular angling destination in India. Anglers like to enjoy this activity and it’s also the place where the primary Trout breeding farm came into existence within the year 1926. an in depth trout hatchery are often found within the river Baspa. Small sized trout is additionally available in great abundance and other people like to enjoy an excellent catch once during a while. People like to enjoy the entire day at River Baspa.

In India, there are many suitable destinations having fast flowing rivers and streams where this activity are often enjoyed to a substantial extent. These exclusive locations offer amazing angling activity options that’s loved and enjoyed by people from everywhere the planet . there’s an excellent sort of fish that creates this activity more interesting.


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