Trekking in Sikkim

Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim – an abode for trekkers!

An abode of snow-capped mountains, tranquil alpine lakes, snow-white glaciers, emerald green meadows, gushing waterfalls and burbling rivers; Sikkim is undoubtedly, a paradise for nature lovers and adventure fanatics. Tremendous scenic beauty and serene ambience of Sikkim fills every visitor’s heart with freshness and rejuvenation. the foremost ideal thanks to explore the gorgeous landscape of this quaint little North-Eastern state of India is thru trekking. Dotted with enchanting scenic trails that run amidst rich flavours of bio-diversity and splendid culture, a trekking expedition in Sikkim is actually and eye opener and provides the foremost enriching experience of your lifetime. Whether you’re a novice or an expert trekker, with an uncountable number of trekking options of varying difficulty grades, you’ll never be disappointed in Sikkim.

What to seem for during a trekking expedition in Sikkim?

Captivating scenic beauty- Sikkim is actually a destination soaked in enchanting natural beauty. Fringed with majestic snow-capped Himalayan peaks, picturesque alpine lakes, sparkling rivulets, serene meadows carpeted with colourful Himalayan flowers and enticing fruit orchards; a trek amidst tremendous nature’s work of art in Sikkim, not only rejuvenates your minds and souls but also provides you with an unmatched peace of mind. it’s only in Sikkim, where you’ll relish the pure mountain air and feel the silence of the wilderness.

Spiritual experience: Across its length and breadth, Sikkim is dotted with numerous Buddhist monasteries. The presence of those monasteries not only adds to the spiritual charm of Sikkim but, a vibrant and bright architecture of those monasteries also double-folds the picturesque magic of this quaint little land. Moreover, dwelled with extreme peace and tranquillity, these monasteries provide you with an unparalleled holistic and spiritual experience that’s difficult to seek out anywhere else.

Diverse Himalayan wildlife: Hiding in its treasure store, Sikkim holds an umpteen sort of Himalayan animal and bird species. The Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve is that the highest park in India and lots of trekking trails of Sikkim undergo this beautiful wildlife reserve giving ample opportunities for trekkers to possess a glimpse at a number of the rare Himalayan animal species including Red Pandas, Musk Deer, Tibetan Antelopes and therefore the elusive & majestic ounce . Sikkim is additionally a paradise for bird lovers providing many opportunities to identify Tibetan Snowcock, Himalayan Pheasants, Sandpipers and Old World Flycatchers.

Local culture: A trekking tour in Sikkim offers great opportunities to realize an insight into local cultures and traditions. a chance to interact with lively and spirited people, to be a part of their magnificent colourful dance festivals and an opportunity to relish on an exquisite local cuisine is what you’ll anticipate to during your trekking excursion in Sikkim. An unmatched hospitability of those friendly people will surely cause you to feel reception even once you are distant from it.

Yak Safari: Endemic to Sikkim, Yaks are the favored livestock within the state and are used for transporting heavy loads from one region to a different . These gigantic mammals also are employed by local people to form their living by providing Yak rides to tourists. a singular experience in itself, a Sikkim expedition is incomplete without a Yak safari. So, if you see a Yak on your trekking tour, just get on to the safari and obtain yourself a memento clicked sitting atop of a yak.

Popular treks of Sikkim:

Offering a number of the simplest trekking trails within the country, hiking and walking tour in Sikkim undeniably gives true aiming to adventure. Even the better treks like Sikkim-Darjeeling and Yuksom-Dzongri-Goecha La treks are challenging enough to check the physical and mental endurance of trekkers. With ever-changing series of climbs and descends, these treks keep you mentally alert and exhilarated throughout the trip. Majestic views of Mt. Pandim and Mt. Kabru keep you engaged with their hypnotic beauty as you traverse through verdant forests of pines, oaks and rhododendrons. Needless to mention , the sights of exotic Himalayan wildlife adds to the magical charm of those wonderful treks.

Talking about moderate treks in Sikkim, the treks to Singalila Ridge-Goecha La and Green Lake, convince be perfect for those seeking an exciting and thrilling adventurous trekking holiday in Sikkim. Offering superb views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, splendid glimpse of exotic Himalayan birdlife and mesmerizing vistas of rhododendron covered forests; these treks are an ideal blend of pristine natural beauty and an incomparable adventure. Cutting your ways through several tribal villages, these treks also provide you with a chance to urge on the brink of the Sikkimese culture deeply drenched Buddhism. If you’re here during the festive season, the liveliness and effervescence of local people fully soaked within the moods of festivities and celebrations, is what which will make a permanent place in your hearts and memories for your entire life.

For an impressive mountain trekking adventure in Sikkim, nothing can match the joys and ecstasy of the Sikkim Kanchenjunga and Kanchenjunga base treks. Passing through luxuriant rhododendron forests, rolling alpine meadows and flower laden pastures; the trekking trails provide you with astounding vistas of Himalayan peaks including Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Kabru and Mt. Kokthang. Tucked away in extreme remoteness, engulfed in blankets of snow and perched at an altitude quite 17000 ft.; the trek gives goose bumps to even the foremost experienced of the trekkers.

Best season for trekking in Sikkim

The perfect time for trekking in Sikkim is throughout the late spring a very long time between March – June and in pre-winter from mid-September to November.Trekking in monsoons is very not recommended as most of the roads get blocked thanks to torrential rains and also, the probabilities of landslides and cloud bursts are quite high during rainy months. During winters, heavy snow engulfs most the upper altitudes making it impossible to trek.

Some pre-requisites for trekking in Sikkim

Trekking in Sikkim, though, sounds very alluring and appealing but, it truly speaking, it’s not as easy because it seems. Here are some fundamental pre-requirements for trekking in Sikkim.

  • Great physical stamina – you can’t venture on a trek in Sikkim if you are doing not have an excellent physical endurance.
  • Clinical wellness – individuals with asthma, breathing issues and heart issues can’t wander on a trekking endeavor in Sikkim.
  • Necessary trekking permits – Since many trekking destinations in Sikkim dwell close proximity to Indo-Chinese border, various treks require prior permissions from army authorities. Even venturing within the Kanchenjunga park needs permits from forest department. Orchestrating these licenses is of most extreme significance before setting out on a trekking trip in Sikkim.

Why trek with us?

We offer exclusive Sikkim trekking tour packages and leave no stones unturned in making your dream of trekking within the enchanting land of Sikkim a reality. With our affordable deals for unlimited options of Sikkim trekking holidays, you’ll be highly assured of world-class services and top-notch quality. Having an experience of over 30 years in arranging trekking tours in great Himalayan regions, you’ll trust us to form provisions for the subsequent .

  • Arrangements for sight-seeing and monastery tours with experienced local guide.
  • Arrangements for accommodations including hotel stays, village homestays and parachute camps.
  • Arrangements for trekking and camping gears including tents, sleeping bags, mattress, oxygen cylinders and care kits.
  • Arrangements for knowledgeable and experienced mountaineering guides.
  • Arrangements for porters, ponies and horses to hold load and kit up to high altitude base camps.
  • Arrangements for cooks and cooking equipment.
  • Arrangements for necessary trekking permits.

If the astounding scenic beauty and therefore the idea of a vast fun of trekking enthrals you, the unexplored and untouched Himalayan paths and pristine campsites await you in Sikkim. So, don’t wait a second, just placed on your trekking shoes and start the foremost fulfilling and exciting trekking journeys of your lifetime with us.


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