Trekking in Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh

Why Ladakh is a great trekking destination?

Bestowed with a fantastic topography of hilly terrains, enchanting valleys and serene alpine glacial lakes; Ladakh is undoubtedly an epitome of mountain beauty and a hub of exhilarating adventure activities like mountaineering, foam rafting, mountain biking and most significantly , trekking. Snuggled within the lap of Himalayas and hiding in its store, some unexplored and enticing trekking trails, no wonder why this mystical land is named an empyrean for trekkers all across the world . Also, with its huge offerings of trekking options starting from easy to moderate to challenging grades, the treks of Ladakh don’t disappoint any avid trekking enthusiast, whether he’s a beginner or an expert.

What to seem for during a trekking expedition in Ladakh?

Enchanting scenic beauty : On a trekking expedition in Ladakh, you’re bound to be rewarded with spectacular mountain scenery of snow-laden peaks, snow-fed glaciers and picturesque glacial lakes. Where at one end, the lofty arid and parched mountain peaks stand tall within the ir full glory; the opposite end is teeming with lush greenery and carpets of vibrant alpine flowers – a singular and rare contrast of landscapes which will only be witnessed in the region of Ladakh.

Buddhist culture: The land of Ladakh is deeply immersed in age-old Buddhist cultures and traditions. During your trekking trip within the region, you’ll encounter various picturesque monasteries perched precariously atop steep and sharp peaks. These monasteries are a lifeline of Ladakh and provide you with immense serenity and peace. Nothing are often more holistic and divine than sitting within the prayer hall of 1 of those monasteries and dipping your souls in peaceful echoes and chants of Buddhist monks.

Unusual wildlife: The landscape of Ladakh has been blessed a spectacular animal and bird life. While spotting Himalayan sheep, goat and yaks may be a common sight, it might not come as a surprise if all of a sudden, you furthermore may encounter a Himalayan Ibex and Antelope or are treated with a rare glimpse of the elusive ounce while on a hiking and walking tour in Ladakh. Needless to mention , a treasure trove of myriad endemic bird species, Ladakh also mesmerizes you with unusual sights of Tibetan Snowcocks, Golden Eagles, White and Brown throated Dippers and various species of Wall creepers, Pipits and Ibis.

Warm hospitality of Ladakhi people: Being a foreign and an unspoiled scenic destination, you’ll not find hotels and resorts in Ladakh and moreover for a true rustic trekking experience, there’s no more sensible choice than staying in village homestays and getting an insight into the straightforward lifestyle of Ladakhi people. As you interact and spend few moments with the local people of the region, you’d realize how simple they’re and the way beautiful their lives are, faraway from any quite interferences from technology, internet and social media that has, quite made the lives of city dwellers so complex and sophisticated . The people here eat simple food, live peaceful lives and celebrate all festivals with zealous spirits. Also, they’re going to leave no stones unturned to supply you with better of their limited resources, be it accommodation or food.

Popular treks of Ladakh

Frozen ‘Chadar Trek’: for several ardent trekkers, the main draw to Ladakh is that the magical ‘Chadar Trek’. Undoubtedly, the foremost fascinating and challenging of all the treks within the region, the Chadar trek offers you an unparalleled experience of witnessing the sheer great thing about Himalayas in peak winters. The trek takes you thru the serene Zanskar valley tucked away in deep remoteness of Zanskar ranges covered in thick layers of snow. As you walk along the frozen Zanskar River, the eye-catching scenery of frozen waterfalls, ever-changing reminder snow-covered mountains and miraculous natural rock formations keep you engaged and mesmerized. Offering a feast to your eyes, the trek tests both, your physical and mental endurance. Navigating your ways through deep ravines and narrow ridges braving a sub-zero temperature and feeling your senses going numb; this trek, for sure, can run down a chill down your spine and simultaneously, present you with the foremost blissful experience of your lifetime.

Sham Valley Trek: Also referred to as the ‘Baby Trek’, the Sham Valley trek is that the easiest of the treks in Ladakh and offers ample opportunities to witness various beautiful monasteries including Alchi, Lamayuru, Spituk and Likir. This trek may be a perfect choice for trekkers who along side revelling within the fun of trekking, also wish to possess a glimpse at lifestyle and culture of Ladakh. Needless to mention , the scenic beauty and therefore the tranquillity of the trek is additionally something to cherish for your lifetimes.

Markha Valley Trek: Situated on the foothills of the majestic ‘Kang Yatse’ peak, Markha Valley is that the most beautiful valley of Ladakh. A paradise for trekkers, the valley is dotted with a number of the foremost varied and scenic trekking trails of entire Ladakh region. Luring many ardent trekkers from across the world , the trek offers splendid vistas of nature that include but, aren’t limited to bustling rivers, narrow and deep gorges, steep canyons, emerald green meadows, fairy-tale villages and terrains of multi-hued rocks. For wildlife lovers, the trek may be a dream come true because it takes them through the hub of Himalayan wildlife, the gorgeous ‘Hemis National Park’ giving them ample opportunities to witness rare species of Himalayan animals and birds. The trek also provides with an opportunity to possess a better check out the Ladakhi lifestyle by staying in remote village houses and interacting with local people. The captivating views of the ‘Stok Kangri’ peak are the extra highlights of this trek.

Nubra Valley Trek: For trekkers eager to explore something unusual, the Nubra Valley trek may be a huge draw. Dramatically unique topography of arid & parched mountains teeming with sand dunes, enclosing in it, beautiful villages dotted with lush fields and striking apricot orchards standing like an oasis on long stretches of white cold desert; trekking in Nubra Valley is certainly an excellent and interesting experience.

The above list just gives you a brief glimpse at few of the favored treks of Ladakh. There are many other enigmatic trails that also remain unexplored and unspoilt. To explore the hidden magic of this serene world, just placed on your trekking gears and obtain on for your life’s most enjoyable and thrilling trekking expeditions.

Best season for trekking in Ladakh

Ideally, the simplest time for trekking & hiking in Ladakh is between the months of May and September when the weather is salubrious and rejuvenating. Also, this is often the simplest time to explore nature teeming with lush meadows, carpets of untamed alpine flowers and striking peach and apricot orchards. For those that wish to witness the snow-white mountain beauty, the perfect time is during winter months, especially for the ‘Chadar Trek’ that you simply can attempt only in January-February when the Zanskar River is totally frozen.

Some pre-requisites for trekking in Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and requires some early preparations. Here are some basic pre-requisites to urge on with a trekking expedition is that this stunningly beautiful kingdom.

  • The first and foremost important requisite is build up your physical and mental fitness. Trekking in Ladakh requires endless walking and hiking sometimes . Without a physical stamina, a trek in Ladakh is out of question.
  • The second most vital point is to urge yourselves medically examined to form sure you’re fit enough to access great mountain heights. Most trekking routes in Ladakh start from a height of around 3500 metres above water level and needless to mention , at greater heights thickness of air may result in acute altitude sickness . So, make certain you do not have any kind of asthmatic and cardiac problems.
  • Getting required permits from different authorities before commencing together with your trek is that the third most vital requisite. For accessing Tso-Moriri, Hemis park and Stok-Kangri peaks, these permissions are of utmost importance.

Why trek with us?

If you’re planning for a Leh-Ladakh trekking holiday, we might be quite happy to help you in organizing special trekking tours for you in Ladakh. With an experience of quite 30 years in travel industry and having a special expertise in organizing high altitude trekking tours in great Himalayan regions, you’ll trust us for various services including but, not limited to the subsequent .

  • Arrangements for world-class accommodations including homestays and parachute camps.
  • Arrangements for sight-seeing and hotel transfers.
  • Provisions for trekking & camping gears and winter trekking equipment.
  • Arrangements for knowledgeable local guides and ponies and horses for carrying heavy loads.
  • Arrangements for permits and permissions from Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF), army authorities and forest department, wherever and whenever required.

With our special Leh-Ladakh trekking packages, you’ll make certain of top-class services and facilities. If you would like , we will also customize our packages as per your tastes and requirements.


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