Trekking in Kumaon Himalayas

Trekking in Kumaon Himalayas

What makes Kumaon an incredible trekking destination?

Imagine this – you’re walking stiffly through a picturesque trail, which is skirted by the thick forest, all that you simply can hear is chirping of birds, and to treat your eyes is that the pink glow of sunlight bounce off the Himalayan high peak aligned under a sky dotted with the colorful birds flowing freely. The idyllic charm of Kumaon beauty can even turn an adventurer into a poet. With every step you’ll take, Kumaon trekking will open up. Each day, you’ll rehearse the ravines and waterfalls meandering through forests of Pine, Oak, Birch and haystacks, all mingled together like weaver-bird nests. The Kumaon unfold the invigorated world, though trekking here might not be as easy because it seems. you’ll encounter several trails in Kumaon that are difficult to encompass, which could offer you some bruises and stitches but the sweetness of the trek can compensate all the trouble and price . A enter the woods of Kumaon is once during a lifetime experience which each ardent or novice adventurer must experience. After the top of the trek, you come home teaming up with memories of Kumaon pristine beauty and whiff of pines whenever the cool mountain air recedes.

Where exactly is Kumaon located in Uttarakhand?

Going by the map of India, Uttarakhand is split into two regions- Eastern region going by the name of Kumaon and therefore the western half is understood as Garhwal. Kumaon is bordered by Tibet on the North, Nepal within the east, Uttar Pradesh on the South and Garhwal towards the side . a number of the prominent hilly hamlets of India like Nainital, Almora, Bageshwar, Munsiyari, Mukteshwar and Ranikhet, are a neighborhood of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

What to seem out on your trekking expedition in Kumaon?

The hilly and craggy landscape of Kumaon is home to a good range of exotic species. These include not only a tremendous array of animals and birds but also some unique flowers and trees. If lucky, while trekking tours in Kumaon, you would possibly spot some rare wildlife species like Moschus moschiferus , Himalayan bruin , Bharal, Cheetal and Wild Cat. Birdies can soothe their eyes and camera by clicking pictures of some beautiful avian species like woodpeckers, parakeets, bulbuls, mynas, pipits, red and jungle-fowls.

Treks of Kumaon causes you to traverse through some soul soothing temples that provide a spiritually inclined an opportunity to witness the universe. While trekking, trekkers can stop at Jageshwar Temple, Kasar Dev and Golu Ji Temple Almora, Bagnath Temple Bageshwar, Baleshwar Temple Champawat and Thal Kedar Pithoragarh to hunt blessings of God. Come here for peace of mind and return calmer and happier.

Which are best treks within the Kumaon region?

See below for a few amazing treks in Kumaon region, where you’ll choose trekking:

Easy Treks: In Kumaon region, you’ll find many treks which will be completed in only 10-12 days and still shows you the simplest of Himalaya. pertaining to the short treks, Kafni Glacier Trek, and Pindari Glacier Trek offers the foremost realistic and divine experience of a lifetime.

Moderate Treks: For those that like to add a twist of adventure to their boring holidays should choose Munsiyari Milam Glacier trek, Sunderdhunga Base Camp trek and Pithoragarh Sinla Pass trek. Making your way through several tribal and remote villages, these treks also provide you with a chance to urge on the brink of Kumauni people.

Challenging/Difficult Treks: Talking about the challenging treks in Kumaon, Adi Kailash trek, and Nanda Devi East Base Camp trek proves to be perfect for those that are trying to find those thirsty souls who seek adventure and thrill. These treks take you to the places that are tucked in extreme remoteness, engulfed within the blanket, and located as high as 13000 feet. Taking you to a number of the very best and looming peaks of India, these treks offer you goose bumps at every turn.

What is the simplest time to travel for trekking in Kumaon?

April to June & September to October

In monsoon, one can expect unpredictable weather, sometimes even landslides. So, it is best to avoid trekking during this point . Some treks are even open during the winter season as this once you will get rewarded with the gorgeous view snow-drenched mountains.

Why you ought to trek with us?

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