Trekking in Jammu & Kashmir

Trekking in Jammu & Kashmir

What to look out on your trekking expedition in Kashmir?

Making way through the red carpet of Chinar leaves, snow-swept mountains whiter than the Pashmina goat and lattices of green fields; Kashmir let loose your collective gasp the movement you enter here. And in fact , Sun including rain and cloud gave an iridescent effect something hard to miss. For adventurers and wanderlust-struck, there are unlimited trekking options in Kashmir, with every nook and cranny having a singular story to inform and something to supply . While trekking, you’ll encounter several species of flora and fauna sprinkled across the green meadows, experience some spitters (snowfall) because the Scotts wish to call it, apple orchards, and if you sum up of these together, you’ll realize why Kashmir is mentioned because the paradise on this earth. Even within the night, ineffable great thing about this place can keep you awake because the sky changes its color the evening. Even for relatively season trekkers, the prospect of hiking through the alpine pastures around Gulmarg, albeit only for three days, are often exhilarating.

Meet and greet local people

People during this a part of India are charming and welcoming. So once you visit Kashmir, do not forget to pay a visit to the nomadic villages, where goatherds and shepherds will welcome you with a generous smile. Enjoy a cup of tea with them and obtain to understand more about the region. As you interact and spend few moments with the local people of the world , you’d realize that how they live their lives, with none interferences from technology, the web , and social media.

Explore one among the foremost beautiful destinations in India

Kashmir is gorgeous and indeed a paradise! From gardens to mountains to lakes, there are multiple sightseeing options in Kashmir. Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, Aru valley, Yusmarg and Narana, are some mesmerizing places in Kashmir that need to be a neighborhood of your itinerary. With every step you’re taking , a special side of Kashmir unfolds, making your trek even more memorable. So do not forget to require your camera to capture the panoramas of dewy meadows, carpets of colourful alpine flowers, snow-white glaciers, alpine woodlands, gurgling rivers and delightful fruit orchards.

To get on the brink of nature:

Simply adding thrill to the Trek is that the incontrovertible fact that the trek in Kashmir offers multiple opportunities to identify animals like Tibetan antelopes, Himalayan Thar, Musk Deer, Bharals, leopard cats and even the elusive ounce . Also, here bird watchers can see an enormous sort of birds flying free within the sky. Also if lucky, you would possibly spot Changthangi, goat bread which is understood for growing ultra-fine cashmere wool.

What is the simplest time to travel for trekking in Kashmir?

Best time to travel for trekking to Kashmir is monsoon season; May, June, July, August, September and October, as this when the landscapes are fully bloom and therefore the sky is obvious to ascertain the view of mountains. Also, this is often the simplest time to ascertain the important colours of nature teaming with a carpet of lush meadow and striking orchards, flanked by the looming mountains.

Which are best treks within the Kashmir region?

Dominated by the good Karakoram and Nun-Kun mountains to the north, Shivalik and Zanskar Range to the south, Gurals Valley to the west and Kailash, Pangong and Lokzhung Range to the east, geographical location of Kashmir makes it a paradise for trekkers. In and out there are quite ten treks in Kashmir which will charm and enthrall anyone with its beauty. Talking about the straightforward going treks, you’ll choose Mohanmarg Meadow, which takes hardly few days to finish . More audacious trekkers can take Gangabal Lake Trek, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and Tarsar-Marsar Lake trek. Even after Kashmir being the talk about every trekker, many treks in Kashmir still remain unspoilt and untouched.

Why you ought to trek with us?

If you’re planning a trekking holiday in Kashmir, we might be quite happy to help you in organizing unique trekking tours. Our team consists of highly accomplished and experienced adventurers who have done anything that one could imagine from traveling to the Western Ghats to climbing Zanskar ranges. In our trek, we’ll be providing you following services:

Arrangements for world-class accommodations including homestays and parachute camps

Arrangements for sight-seeing and hotel transfers.

Provisions for trekking & camping gears and winter trekking equipment

Arrangements for knowledgeable local guides and ponies and horses for carrying heavy loads

Arrangements for permits and permissions from Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF), army authorities and forest department, wherever and whenever required.

With our special Kashmir trekking packages, you’ll make certain of top-class services and facilities. If you would like , we will also customise our packages as per your tastes and requirements.


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