Trekking in Himachal

Trekking in Himachal

Himachal – a paradise for trekkers!

Nestled within the lap of Himalayan peaks and surrounded with astounding scenic splendours, Himachal is actually a bliss for those seeking peace and solitude amidst serene settings. With its plethora of offerings of diverse terrains and a couple of well-trodden scenic trekking trails, the place is additionally a paradise for trekkers who throng here to check their physical endurance, simultaneously basking within the splendid great thing about the Himalayan range . Whether you’re an amateur, an off-the-cuff hiker or a seasoned trekker, you’ll find for yourself, ample trekking trails to satiate your looking for this adventurous activity.

Considered to be an all-year trekking destination, each season in Himachal offers something unique to its trekkers; while during the months of summers and monsoons, the valleys are blooming within the magic of colourful flowers, the months of winters cover entire valley in blankets of snow, making you witness the hypnotic great thing about mountains and also to possess an unmatched experience of snow trekking.

Why to venture on a trekking expedition in Himachal?

For its gorgeous scenic vistas – blessed sprawling natural beauty, hiking & trekking in Himachal Pradesh provides with you ample opportunities to witness the mesmerizing views of Himalayan peaks that stand tall fully glory with their crowns blanketed in thick covers of snow. As you begin your trek moving along the trekking routes, be able to capture the panoramas of dewy meadows, carpets of colourful alpine flowers, snow-white glaciers, alpine woodlands, gurgling rivers and delightful fruit orchards.

If you’re trekking in winters, the panorama is beyond words and offers you unmatched vistas of snow-laden mountains, frozen streams and snow carpeted meadows. During a winter trek in Himachal, you only cannot miss on the sweetness of white canvas of ice reflecting multi-hued spectrum like changing positions of sun during the day.

For its unmatched thrills and adventures- Adventures and thrills is really what a fanatical and passionate trekker looks forward to in his adventure trekking holiday. Simply not disappointing such brave hearts, many of the treks in Himachal offer unsurpassed challenges of crossing gurgling rivers, walking over glacial beds, climbing steep and snowy ridges and traversing through deep gorges and dangerous moraines. this is often not all; unpredictable weather , high altitudes and lack of oxygen also gives a troublesome time to even many of the experience trekkers.

To venture on such treks, it’s of utmost importance to possess an honest knowledge of snowy conditions, a lot of physical stamina and a previous trekking experience, especially in Himalayan regions.

For an insight in several Himalayan cultures- Himachal Pradesh may be a potpourri of various cultures and traditions. While majority of the population is Hindu, you’ll find an honest number of individuals following the Buddhist culture too, which is more apparent within the Lahaul and Spiti regions of the state. regardless of what religion the local people follow, they’re extremely warm, friendly and hospitable. A trekking excursion in Himachal, provides ample opportunities to mingle with these hospitable people, understand their cultures and also, be a part of their festivals and celebrations. For those that love exploring different cultures, trekking in Himachal is certain to be an excellent insightful experience.

For its rich Himalayan wildlife- A treasure trove of many animal and bird species, a trek through Himachal trails also gives you an insight into rich wildlife of the region. Simply adding an exhilarating thrill to your trekking expedition, the trekking trails of Himachal offers you many opportunities to possess an appointment with Tibetan antelopes, Himalayan thars, musk deer, bharals, leopard cats and even the elusive snow leopards. Trekking in Himachal is additionally an exquisite experience for birders who crave for glimpses of the colorful weathered creatures. Rich in Himalayan birds, you’ll spot here, sorts of pheasants, Himalayan cocks and various other colourful winged species freely flying within the sky.

Popular treks of Himachal

While there are many enticing treks hidden within the store of Himachal, the highest destinations that bring an exquisite trekking adventure in Himachal include but, aren’t limited to the subsequent .

Pin Parvati Trek: one among the foremost challenging and enthralling treks in Himachal, the trek requires you to possess excellent trekking skills. Taking you thru dense forests of Himalayan park , making your cross burbling rivers, negotiating through snow fields and glacial beds; the trek may be a test of both, your physical and mental fitness. Needless to mention enchanting vistas of snow-capped peaks and hanging glaciers keep you engaged and motivated along the journey.

Chandrakhani Pass Trek: Taking you to a height of 3600 metres above water level , the Chandrakhani Pass Trek causes you to traverse through beautiful alpine meadows, lush walnut & cherry orchards, blue pines & silver oaks forests and picturesque valleys. Offering you gorgeous views of snow-covered Pir-Panjal and Parvati mountain ranges, the trek may be a magical experience for its every traveller.

Malana Village Trek: An extension of Chandrakhani Pass Trek, the Malana Village trek takes you to the isolated village notoriously known for its marijuana and malana cream. Wary of any outside influence, the villagers of Malana have their own laws and jurisdictions. Forgetting the notorious side of Malana, the tranquil settings, serene beauty and inimitable location of the place provides extreme peace and solace to fatigued souls of city dwellers. The trek, needless to say provides a singular and wonderful experience to each trekker.

Chandratal-Baralacha Trek: one among the foremost wanted treks hidden within the picturesque valleys of Himachal Pradesh, the Chandratal – Baralacha trek provides you a chance to enjoy the spellbinding great thing about the ‘Chandratal’ or the ‘Moon Lake’ because it sits in its magical glory, snuggled within the tranquillity of the Spiti Valley. As you venture on this thrilling trek, be prepared to traverse through boulder fields, ascend steep slopes, negotiate chilling waters of sparkling streams and cross gurgling rivers. The trek also causes you to witness a dramatic shift between the luxurious landscapes of Kullu-Manali to arid and parched landscape of Lahaul and Spiti.

Best season for trekking in Himachal

Trekking in Himachal are often commenced anytime between mid-June and mid-October. Though, during times between June and August, there are high chances of witnessing heavy snow on the passes and therefore the region of Kullu-Manali may face light monsoon showers, the valley largely, is blooming with colourful flowers and it’s the simplest time to ascertain nature at its best. The Spiti valley generally remains unaffected from rains with weather being mostly sunny and warm. the typical day temperature is usually warm in Spiti and may get quite cool during evenings.

From September to mid-October, the trekking trails generally get cleared-off from snow and an honest weather makes the trek far more pleasurable though, chances of snow-fall during this season are quite high. The day temperatures remain comparatively warm but nights can get really cold with temperature dropping below zero.

Why trek with us?

We offer exclusive Himachal trekking & hiking tour packages and leave no stones unturned in making your dream of trekking within the serene land of Himachal, a reality. With our affordable deals for unlimited options of Himachal trekking tours, you’ll be highly assured of top-notch services and world-class quality. Having an experience of over 30 years in arranging trekking tours in great Himalayan regions, you’ll trust us to form provisions for the subsequent .

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  • Arrangements for cooks and cooking equipment.

If the astounding scenic beauty and therefore the idea of a vast fun of trekking enthrals you, the unexplored and untouched Himalayan paths and pristine campsites await you in Himachal. So, don’t wait a second, just placed on your trekking shoes and start the foremost fulfilling and exciting trekking journeys of your lifetime with us.


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