Fairs and Festivals in November

Fairs and Festivals in November

There are lots to ascertain and neutralize the November month in India. This month comprises a number of the foremost significant fairs and festivals of the country. The weather during this month starts becoming more cool and dry. Especially the complete moon day of Kartik (A Hindu Month) is taken into account as a number of the foremost sanctified time. This month additionally fuses some exhilarating fairs that feature extraordinary customs and qualities of differing Indian culture. Whole nation remains busy in celebrating different rejuvenating and auspicious fairs and festivals during this exuberant festive month.

Hampi Festival, Karnataka

The Hampi Festival is held within the first week of November hebdomadally, within the city of Hampi. Hampi was an extended time ago the capital of Vijayanagar Empire. It’s situated 353 km faraway from Bangalore. This festival of music and dance is additionally called the Vijaya Utsav of Karnataka.

Ka Pomblang Nongkrem, Shillong, Meghalaya

‘Ka Pomblang Nongkrem’ is that the well-known harvest festival of the Khasis. It rejoiced within the month of November within the state of Meghalaya. People from everywhere the world collects together at Smit, and luxuriate in the event of prayer to the ‘Goddess Ka Blei Synshar’ for affluent harvest and opulence of the people.

Lucknow Mahotsav, Uttar Pradesh

This festival is held within the month of November, and displays the never-ending grace and splendors of ancient city Awadh, currently referred to as Lucknow. Hued processions, Kathak Dances, Conventional dramas, are the design of the famous Lucknow Gharana. Many celebs come to the present festival to enjoy the matchless culture of Lucknow.


Muharram festival honors the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain. He was the grandson of the Holy Prophet. This event begins at the primary day of Muharram month and lasts for ten days and ends on 10th of day of Muharram month. It’s the primary month of Islamic calendar.

Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan

The Cattle Fair of Pushkar is that the highlight of an Indian feast. It’s during this period that the populace of 14,000 bloats to quite 200,000. This festival swarms over 50,000 camels that are traded, raced and adorned. A tourist also can encounter many devotees taking a divine immerse within the Pushkar Lake and searching for blessings at the lone Brahma Temple.

Sonepur Mela, Bihar

The Sonepur Cattle Fair is organized on Kartik Poornima within the month of November in Sonepur. It’s persisted the confluence of river Gandak and Ganges. It’s also popular as Harihar Kshetra Mela and draws tourists from everywhere the Asian Continent. It’s the most important cattle fair of Asia. This fair plays an important role in icreasing the tourism within the country.

Gurpurab, Punjab

Gurpurb is a highly sanctified festival in Sikhism. This festival is widely known in homage to the birthday of the primary guru of the Sikhs- Nanak Dev. The birthday of Nanak Dev comes in November. The celebration of this festival starts very early within the morning and Guru Adi Granth is paid homage by the Sikh devotees. This festival is widely known throughout the country, especially in Punjab.


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