Fairs and Festivals in May

Fairs and Festivals in May

From breathtaking beauty, live music and dance performances, delectable culinary events to spiritual occasions, there’s fair for everybody in May. One must experience the amazingly colorful and lively celebrations to relish some blast in India. The serious music and dance create pleasant atmosphere at Moatsu festival. The aroma of incense filling the air at the Naini lake… the stunning flower show in Ooty… invigorating dip within the ganges… truly this is often the month once you can experience far more than your imaginations. a number of the famous fairs and festivals that happen within the month of May are mentioned below.

Moatsu Festival

A colorful festival that’s celebrated for 3 days within the month of May, Moatsu Festival is that the time for relaxation because the hectic work of sowing and harvesting come to an end. One can relish tons of dancing and singing during the festival. the most attraction of this event is Sangpangtu. People wear the simplest outfit and have differing types of cuisine around a bonfire.

Mt. Abu Summer Festival

Takes place every year on Budh Poorima in May, Mt. Abu Summer Festival welcomes the tourists from everywhere to enjoy the exotic setting, colorful culture and fun of racing at Naini Lake. the most highlight of the fair is that the Sham-e-Qawwali musical during which many famous qawwals participate from different parts of India.

Banganga Festival

Held every year on the complete moon day of Vaishakh in Jaipur District, Banganga Festival is one among the foremost wanted and visited festivals of Rajasthan. Pilgrims from India also as foreign countries visit here for worship and take a bathe in Banganaga River, which is claimed to possess been formed by Arjuna, the most hero of Mahabharta. It’s indeed an idyllic option of recreation for the travelers coming to Jaipur during the festival.

Ooty Summer Festival

A famous hill station in India, Ooty is right for visiting any time of the year, but if you’re planning for a visit during the summer time, then prepare to celebrate the exquisiteness of nature as summer festival is takes place within the month of May. The festival features race , fashion parade, fruits shows and lots of more.

Ganga Dussehra

Also hailed as Gangavatara which signifies the descent of Ganga stream, Ganga Dusshera is dedicated to Goddess Ganga and is widely known everywhere India. It’s said that Rishi Bhagirath performed meditation for several years to bring Ganga on earth. Pilgrims take a shower during the festival at the most holy ghats of India like Rishikesh, Varanasi and Haridwar.


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