Fairs and Festivals in December

Fairs and Festivals in December

The month of December is crammed with chill and dry, and therefore the winters plug the environment of India with unique enthusiasm. the entire nation gets revitalized with the perfect blend of recent and traditional fairs and festivals. Worth mentioning, the fairs that are organized during this month highlight the Indian culture with the performance of dance, music and far more. The birth of Jesus is additionally solemnized and celebrated during this invigorating month. December is that the month during which the celebration mood is on its peak, as this month farewells the year also .

Kartik Ekadashi

Kartik Ekadasi falls at the time of the waxing stage of moon in Kartik Month, considered together of the foremost sacred months is a Hindu calendar . Women keep a quick and eat once each day during the month of Kartik till the Poornima (full moon day) of Kartik. The munificence of the fast and bath lies within the demolition of all wrongdoings and their outcomes.

Konark Dance Festival, Orissa

Konark Dance Festival is organized every year in December within the setting of the Sun temple, Konark. This dance festival is a potential display place for the performing artiste also because the dance aficionados both. Many well-known dancers from everywhere the state come to the present dance festival so as to present their dancing talent.

Chennai Dance & Music Festival

Chennai Dance and Music Festival is an event hosted in December–January every year within the present-day south Indian metropolis of Chennai. Continuing to some six weeks, an excellent number of huge and little Carnatic music concerts are presented by extremely skilled musicians. the traditional role of the Music Season is to let enthusiasts of Carnatic music to understand acts by celebrated artists, and to let talented young artists to place on show their flair and skill .


The birthday of Jesus is solemnized with an excellent joy in India. Christmas is once a year persisted December 25. The festivities are most visible in states where there’s an excellent population of Christians. Normally, the Christians observe Christmas by going to occasions in Church, breathing easy with dear ones, setting up new dress and eating a bright feast. Variety of families exchange offerings or provide small gifts to kids.

Kurukshetra Festival, Haryana

The Kurukshetra festival in Haryana corresponds with the Gita Jayanti. Gita Jayanti is that the sacred birthday of Srimad Bhagavad Gita. a visit to Kurukshetra within the festival is an elating and saintly experience. At the time of this festival, devotees from everywhere the country horde at this place so as to possess a rejuvenating dip in Sannehit Sarovar and Brahma Sarovar.

Island Tourism Festival – Port Blair

The Island Tourism Festival is held by the administration of Andaman and Nicobar annually between December and February. The venue of this festival is in Port Blair and It’s the main festival of the island. It incorporates a presentation, rivalries, social projects, rivalries, and so forth.

Poush Mela in Shantiniketan, Bengal

Poush Mela is a yearly fair that helds in Santiniketan. This festival marks the harvest season. the main features of this festival are live shows of Bengali ethnic music , especially baul music. This fair attracts the tourists from everywhere the country and plays a crucial role in uplifting the tourism of Bengal.

Ganga Gangasagar, West Bengal

Gangasagar Mela is a documented occasion in Bengal, persisted Makar Sankranti. This Mela is organized at the confluence of the river Ganges and Bay of Bengal. Gangagangasagar Mela is that the biggest fair in Bengal. A plunge within the ocean at the place where the Ganges blends into the ocean at the propitious hour is claimed to be of immense religious value.

Vishnupur Mela

Vishnupur Mela is a renowned fair of Bankura district. The key lure of this fair is that the presentation and sale of handiworks. Artisans and little merchants of local regions also as from foreign places arrive to the present fair.


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