3 Day Golden Triangle Tour India, Why You Should Take?

3 Day Golden Triangle Tour India, Why You Should Take?

3 Day Golden Triangle Tour India, Why You Should Take?

Almost everyone who knows India and its incredible places is thrilled to explore the country whenever get a chance. Apart from nature’s beauty, every place has its history, culture, food, and heritage.

Golden Triangle cities, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur are great examples of this thing. But as a person or visitor, you can have different expectations from a place.

You may be willing to explore religious and spiritual India, but someone else would want peace and good views. Some people travel for beautiful beaches and greenery. Some just travel for their foodie appetite. But all these reasons are enough for you to instigate your travel soul.

If you are travel 3 day Golden Triangle Tour India. This blog will discuss some major factors that make Golden Triangle cities even more approachable as holiday destinations. So, before you decide to visit these cities, let us know more about them. Here we go.

Why 3 day Golden Triangle Tour India?

Natural Beauty of 3 day Golden Triangle Tour India

If you are a nature lover then you must try these places because they are raw, beautiful, and spiritual. The main attractions are the beautiful scenery, mountains and rivers. In monsoons, the mountains also get covered with greenery. 

These places are fantastic for people who like exploring history while enjoying nature. Apart from natural elements, you get beautiful monuments, art, and culture of every state. All three places have their own specialties. 

In Golden Triangle tours you can explore all attraction areas of all three cities along with knowing the back story of that place. You get knowledge and enjoyment in a very thrilling way.

3 day Golden Triangle Tour India History

If you are interested in history then you cannot skip Golden Triangle Cities because each one of them has a golden history.

  • Agra was the capital of Mughal emperors plus it has one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Agra can be considered as the holy place for historians. 
  • This same goes with Delhi. This place is not only the present capital of India but also the capital of many empires back in history. Apart from being the capital of the city, many emperors have legitimate war histories. All over you can say Delhi is a great place for historians.
  • When it comes to Rajasthan then it is called the land of warriors so there is no chance you can have much history than this place. Jaipur is the second name of history and heritage.

Wildlife During 3 day Golden Triangle Tour India

The next factor to be considered before booking a Golden Triangle tour is the magnificent wildlife of these places. 

You can find different types of wildlife which you can enjoy not only in Golden Triangle cities but also in other parts of India. A fantastic experience for bird-watching and wildlife regional animals in the jungle is like the icing on the cake. 

If you are a nature and wildlife lover then Golden Triangle cities are the perfect destination for you. So, if you are someone who enjoys wildlife then do not miss Agra and Jaipur. If you have time then you should also visit the Ranthambore National Park to get real wildlife experience.

Food on Your 3 day Golden Triangle Tour India

You can get a variety of food in these cities and n number of options in terms of famous spots and cuisines. 

But if you are in Golden Triangle cities, then we would suggest you explore the regional food and the authentic taste of each state so that you can avoid traveling much for food.

All cities have their authentic dishes which cannot be found better anywhere else. So, if you are a foodie soul then these cities are heaven on earth for you.

3 day Golden Triangle Tour India Sunrises and Sunsets

If you are a fan of sunrises and sunsets like us then there is no place better than a place with rivers and mountain ranges like Agra and Jaipur.

Forts of Jaipur has breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. The bank of the Yamuna River also has sunrise and sunset points so that you can enjoy the peace and beauty fullest. These are the points where you can see the whole city with an enriching experience. 


At the end of this blog, it can be said that Golden Cities are the perfect places for holidays, you can enjoy adventures, nature, and food in one trip in these cities. So, if you are planning your next trip then Golden cities must be on your list. Namaskar India Tour has amazing tour packages such as the 3 day Golden Triangle Tour India and much more. You can enhance your travel experience of these places by booking tour packages. For more information please check out the website today.


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