Colors of Gujarat

19 Days/ 18 Nights
Destinations Covered
Bombay –Ahmedabad –Poshina – Dasda –Bhuj –Rajkot –Sasan Gir –Diu –Bhavnagar – Palitana –Vadodara – Jambughoda - Bombay
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Summary :

India attracts more and more travelers with its breathtaking landscapes, its sights and tourist monuments, its dream cities, its warm atmosphere, its welcoming people, its succulent cuisine ... In short, the good reasons to travel in India are numerous. In lack of inspiration for your next vacation? Why not go to the discovery of Indian wonders? A tailor-made trip to India in the colors of Gujarat tempts you? As a reminder, Gujarat is an Indian state located in western India. It is a tourist destination that attracts a large number of visitors each year. We offer a 19-day India tour to discover this destination rich in landscapes and activities.

 Day 01:  Arrival at Mumbai

On arrival at  the beautiful city Mumbai by plane. Arriving at Mumbai airport, you will be greeted by one of our representatives on the spot during your trip to India. You will be transferred directly to the hotel where you will spend the night.

Day 02: Mumbai - Ahmedabad

After your breakfast at the hotel, get ready to take off to Ahmedabad. Depending on your flight, Morning discover the main attractions of the city of Mumbai. Here are some unforgettable places : Gateway of India, Jain Temple and Hanging Gardens, then Chowpatty, Kamala Nehru Park and Mani Bhavan (where Mahatma Gandhi stayed), colorful Crawford Market, Haji Ali Mosque, etc. Then, go directly to the airport for your flight to Ahmedabad. Night at the hotel.

Day 03: Ahmedabad

Breakfast at the hotel, then you will leave to discover the famous Hutheesing Jain Temple . It is one of the most beautiful temples in the
city of Ahmedabad. Do not miss the discovery of the Museum of Art and Folk Culture of Gujarat. Once there, go out and meet the locals. Discover the different techniques of  embroidery, wood carvings, pearls, metal objects ... from craftsmen. Night at the hotel

Day 04: Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar - Ahmedabad

Breakfast at the hotel, later excursion to the capital of the state of Gujarat: "Gandhinagar". It is in the west of the country. It is an almost
obligatory step of any tour in India. Note that the capital is about 35 km from Ahmedabad. Count about 1h30 of road to reach
this charming city. A visit to the Akshardham Temple is required. It was built by the Swaminarayan sect. The temple includes a huge
complex covered with extensive gardens and admirable fountains. Do not miss a visit to a craftsmen's village famous for its "saris".
Return to Ahmedabad and overnight at the hotel.

Day 05: Ahmedabad - Poshina

After your breakfast at the hotel, head to Poshina from Ahmedabad, Poshina is a small town in the state of Gujarat in Sabarkantha District. It is located in the extreme north of Sabarkantha district, 70 km from Idar. It is surrounded by small villages pleasant to visit like Garasia and Bhil. Cultural and historical travel enthusiasts in India will be delighted during these visits to discover these beautiful villages of Poshina. Also visit the Tribal Sanctuary and other villages near the Poshina Market. Overnight in Poshina

Poshina (Ratanpur) is a town in Poshina Taluka in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat state, India. It is located in the northernmost side of Sabarkantha district, The town is a famous for its tribal shrines, Jain temples and an old Shiva temple.There are white sandstone Jain temples of Parshwanath and Neminath, measuring 150 feet long by 140 broad and 26 high.A few weeks after Holi  festival, there are arranged the Chitra Vichitra Fair at nearby place namely Gunbhakari..

Day 06: Poshina - Patan - Modhera - Dasada

Breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Dasada. Get ready for a unique adventure to discover the main cities of Gujarat state namely Patan, Modhera and Dasada. These 3 cities reserve you a thousand and one surprises. It is an assured change of scenery for foreign tourists. From Poshina, discover these 3 charming cities of India. Our agency puts at your disposal an experienced guide who will accompany you throughout the adventure. In Patan, do not miss the discovery of Jain temples of Patan with their magnificent sculptures. Among the highlights of this adventure is the discovery of the city of Modhera known for its famous solar temple (dedicated to the Vedic divinity Surya). In the evening, in Dasada, discover the nomadic tribal culture of Rabaris as well as other tribes like Banjara.

Day 07: Dasada - Bhuj

Breakfast at the hotel, get ready to leave for Bhuj. It is a city in Kutch District, in the state of Gujarat. The word kutch means a place that is alternately wet and dry. In ancient times the ranns (deserts) of the Kutch region were flooded by the Indus as it flowed into the sea.It was founded in 1510. It is a beautiful city to discover without moderation. Night at the hotel

The town of Bhuj was founded in 1510 by Maharao Hamir, the local ruler. Traces of the 1956 and 2001 earthquakes are still evident but they cannot spoil the charm of Bhuj. This small town, once the capital of the Kutch region, is a great place to stop on the way to the famous ‘white desert’. he word kutch means a place that is alternately wet and dry. In ancient times the ranns (deserts) of the Kutch region were flooded by the Indus as it flowed into the sea.In 1819 an earthquake altered the area’s topography and the Indus took to flowing further west, turning the two ranns (the Great Rann and Small Rann) into one vast salt desert. The two Ranns still flood when the heavy monsoon rains arrive, leaving islands called bets, such as Khadir Bet.

Day 08: Bhuj - Banni Village -  Bhuj

Breakfast at the hotel, get ready for an excursion to discover the village of "Banni". The artisans of this typical village work there wood, wool and cotton. This detour will allow you to discover their daily life. Back to Bhuj and overnight at the hotel

Day 09: Bhuj - Mandvi - Dhanati - Ajrakpur - Bhujodi -  Bhuj

After breakfast at the hotel, you will leave for an excursion to explore the city of Mandvi. It is a city belonging to the Kutch District Municipality. Formerly, it was an important port of the region. Today, it has become a renowned seaside resort. A tour of the tribal villages of Dhanati, Samaa and Ajrakpur are also scheduled for this day 9. Visit the traditional craft village Bhujodi of the Vankar community of weavers. Also make a detour to the village "Harijan" during your tour in India. The latter is considered to be Kutch's best weaving center. Back to Bhuj. Night at the hotel.

Day 10: Bhuj - Rajkot

On day 10, after breakfast at the hotel, get ready for a unique and memorable adventure while crossing the state of Gurajat. Departure to Rajkot with our agency in India. Note that this is the ancient capital of the princes of Saurashtra. Rajkot ounded in 1620 by a member of Jadeja clan, whose descendants ruled the city until 1947, Rajkot gained economic importance in the early 19th century, under British protectorate. Farmers' and traders' councils were encouraged to grow under British Rule. Later the city plunged into the industrial Age with the first years dominated by casting industries. Even today Rajkot is a wealthy city that ranks the 22nd-fastest-growing city in the world. Night at the hotel

Day 11: Rajkot  - Gondal - Janagadh - Sasangir

After breakfast at the hotel, discover Gondal and Junagadh. Visit the Upperkot Fort, the mammoth Jama Masjid and its Buddhist caves and the Maqbara on foot. Stop by the Fort and stroll through the bazaar. You will continue your adventure towards Sasan Gir. A safari (2-3h) in the jungle is planned this day during where you will discover the famous Asian lion. The park is home to a large number of animals and birds. Night at the hotel.

Day 12: Sasangir  - Somnath - Diu

Breakfast at the hotel, en route you will visit the Somnath temple, It is the most sacred of the twelve Jyotirlings (lingas of light) of the God Shiva. You will continue to Diu. It is an old Portuguese counter. It is an island off the Gulf of Cambay. Night at the hotel.

Day 13: Diu - Bhavnagar

Breakfast at the hotel then get ready for the visit of the Gangeshwar temple dedicated to Shiva. Among the highlights, do not miss the discovery of the churches of St. Paul and St. Francis of Assisi and the beautiful beach of Nagoa. Drive to Bhavnagar. Night at the hotel.

Day 14: Bhavnagar - Palitana

On day 14, after breakfast at the hotel, you will discover other beautiful destinations in the state of Gujarat. Prepare to live an adventure rich in emotions and discoveries. Departure for Palitana! It is a large shrine of 860 Jain temples located on Mount Shatrujaya. Lunch in Vigay Vilas with a local family. Return to Bhavnagar. Night at the hotel.

Palitana This incredible temple complex perched on Shatrunjaya Hill seems to touch the sky. The 3500 steps that lead to them take you on an inner journey while giving you time to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Shatrunjaya means “place of victory against inner enemies”. Along with Mount Abu, Girnar and Chandragiri, Shatrunjaya is one of the four most holy places of the Jain faith. According to Jain holy scriptures, this hill is where Adinath, the first Tirthankar, reached enlightenment. It is said that over 800 temples were built here over a period of 900 years.

Day 15: Bhavnagar - Utelia - Lothal - Vadodara

Breakfast at the hotel then departure for Vadodara! Get ready for Utelia's visit to meet the tribes of Bharwad. You will then go on a discovery of a local camel breeding farm. Then, on the way to Lothal! The latter is also among the inevitable. It is an Indian archeological site. It was discovered in 1954 by Dr. S.R. Rao. The site was 4,500 years old. It is a cultural curiosity not to be missed under any circumstances. Then join Vadodara. Night at the hotel

Day 16: Vadodara - Chota Udaipur - Jambughoda

Breakfast at the hotel, get ready to visit the following sites: Laxmi Vilas Palace, Kirti Mandir Memorial, Nazarbagh Palace, Hajira and Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum. On the way to Jambughoda! Along the way, you visit Chhotta Udaipur and villages of the Rathawa tribe. After lunch, a bike ride through the forest is planned. Dinner and overnight at the Home stay

Day 17: Jambughoda

After breakfast, en route to the "Tribal Hatt" where local tribes buy and sell their items. You will also visit a pottery village. Lunch in a house "Adivasi" and discovery of their habits and customs. In the afternoon you will visit Sankheda where lacquered teak wood furniture is made. Overnight at Homestay

Day 18: Jambughoda - Champaner - Ahmedabad - Mumbai

After breakfast, take the road to Ahmedabad. On the way, you will visit Champaner! It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Jumma Mosque is also an almost obligatory stop. You will then be transferred to Ahmedabad station to take the berth train to Bombay. Overnight in The Train

Day 19: Mumbai (Departure)

Morning arrival in Mumbai and free time for shopping. Then you will be transferred to the airport for the return flight!

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