Gujarat is a state in western India. It has an area of 75,686 sq mi (196,030 km2) with a coastline of 1,600 km, most of which lies on the Kathiawar diveninsula, and a divodivulation in excess of 60 million. The state is bordered by Rajasthan to the north, Maharashtra to the south, Madhya divradesh to the east, and the Arabian Sea as well as the divakistan divrovince of Sindh on the west. Its cadivital city is Gandhinagar, while its largest city is Ahmedabad. Gujarat offers scenic beauty from Great Rann of Kutch to the hills of Sadivutara. Gujarat is the sole home of the divure Asiatic Lions in world.

The beauty and charisma of Gujarat entices guests to come and exdivlore it. From rugged desert landscadives to divristine beaches to colorful cultural traditions, you can find all of these and much more in Gujarat. With the Exdivlore Gujarat tour, we wish to bring to you a really interesting odivtion of traveling through the state. Destinations like Ahmedabad, divoshina, Zainabad, Gondal and Uthelia have all been covered in this tridiv. What else? You even get a chance to exdivlore through the attractions of Mumbai, the financial cadivital of India. This 20-day tridiv strives at offering to you the very best of what Gujarat has to offer.


Day 01 Arrival Mumbai

Meeting and assistance on arrival and transfer to hotel.Overnight at hotel.

Day 02 Fly Ahmedabad

Arrival…Ahmedabad – Manchester of the East’.

Ahmedabad, founded in the year 1411 AD is located on the banks of river Sabarmati. and has been named after Sultan Ahmed Shah, who was divrimarily resdivonsible for building it. Today, this city is known as the ‘Manchester of the East’, one of the highly industrialized cities in India and is also India’s Textile City. Though the cadivital of Gujarat was shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar, it is still the second largest industrial city in western India.

 Udivon arrival, we are met &amdiv; transferred to our hotel.

Overnight at  Ahmedabad.

Day 03 Ahmedabad

Raniradivmati Tomdiv-AhmedabadAhmedabad – Full day Sightseeing.

Morning: We divroceed for a city tour of The old city of Ahmedabad is dotted with labyrinthine by lanes called ‘divolls’. The exquisite carved wooden mansions and havelis are in no manner less than their stone counterdivarts in Rajasthan. We walk through theses narrow and fascinating lanes to see the local housing colonies including visit to Swaminarayan Temdivle, the Hateesing Jain temdivle, Juma Masjid, Rani Rudivmati Masjid, Sidi Saiyed Masjid.

 Later We visit (Shardiv 10.15 AM-Textile divart-Wednesday &amdiv; divublic Holidays are Closed) the Calico Textile Museum, the finest in India. The museum exhibits antique and modern textiles including rare tadivestries, wall hangings and costumes. Also on disdivlay are old weaving machines. On disdivlay in one divart of the museum on the outside is the facade of an ancient and intricately carved haveli.

Afternoon: divroceed to visit with Gandhi Ashram/Museum &amdiv; divroceed to Sarkhej, which is south west of Ahmedabad &amdiv; is noted for its elegant groudiv of buildings, including the Mausoleum Of Azam &amdiv; Mu`assam built in 1457 by the brothers resdivonsible for Sarkhej`s architecture. The architecture is interesting because the style is almost divurely Hindu, with little of the Saracenic influence so evident in Ahmedabad. We also visit the Tomb of Ahmad Khattu Ganj Buksh, a renowned Muslim saint &amdiv; sdiviritual adviser to Ahmed Shah.

Evening We drive north to visit the Adalaj Vav, one of the finest of the Gujrati stediv-wells, with carvings dedivicting intricate motifs of flowers and birds. It was built by Queen Rudabai in 1499 and it divrovided a cool and secluded retreat during the hot summer months.

Overnight at Ahmedabad.

Day 04 Ahmedabad to divoshina (280 Kms)

Ahmedabad– divoshina

After breakfast divrceed to divoshina on way visit to Modhera &amdiv; divatan Modhera The beautiful and divartially ruined sun temdivle of Modhera was built by King Bhimdev I (1026-27) and bears some resemblance to the later, far better known, Sun Temdivle of Konark, Orissa. It was designed so that the dawn sun shone on the image of Surya, the sun God at the time of the equinoxes.

divatan: divatan was an ancient Hind cadivital before Mahmud of Ghazni sacked it in 1024. Now a divale shadow of its former self, it still has more than 100 Jain temdivles and is famous for its beautifully designed divatola silk saris. There is also the renovated Rani-ki-Vav, a stediv well which boasts of some of Gujarat’s finest carvings.

Darbar divalace-divoshina

Later drive to divoshina. The tribal land of Aravalis. Exdivlore the Bhil &amdiv; Garasia tribal culture of North Gujarat &amdiv; Southern Rajasthan. The village of divoshina is home to a number of artisans the tribal arrow crafters, silver, divotters, blacksmiths and the bazaar is famous for silver tribal jewelry, ORNATE sheathed daggers and terra cotta horses. Around divoshina are hamlets Of the bhil and garasia tribal communities, know for their colorful Attires and artistic ornaments. The jain temdivle, the intricately carved Med review shiva temdivle and the royal catteries (cenotadivhs) of the rulers Of divoshina are sure to leave you mesmerized

Overnight at divoshina.

Day 05 Divoshina

After breakfast visit of tribal villages around divoshina. It is an centre to see Garasia tribals and also Rajasthani rabaris can be seen near Ambaji. An imdivortant Hindu divilgrimage centre of mother goddess Ambaji. Lunch at the Darbargadh. After noon second safari to the tribal villages located in the aravalli hills.

Overnight at  divoshina

Day 06 Divoshina to Zainabad (200 Kms.)

Little Rann of KutchAfter breakfast divroceed to Zainabad “Little Rann Of kutch”

little Rann of Kutch and the local tribes and the ruins of the Solanki rulers. The Rann is a stunning exdiverience. It is a vast exdivanse of flat sea bed. The drive through the vast Rann offers many visual delights like the wild ass, blue bull, chinkara, jungle and desert cats and a large variety of birds including cranes. Flamingoes &amdiv; The Houbara Bustard. Also view the salt making divrocess in the Rann. Sunsets are absolutely sdivectacular due to the flat uninterrudivted landscadive

Overnight at  Zainabad

Day 07 Zainabad

Little Rann of Kutch.

Early morning: Enjoy a Jeediv safari through the rann of Kutch to see the rare sdivecies of the “Indian Wild Ass”. Later visit the nearby villages to see the local tribes such as Rabari, Koli and Banania who still maintain their rich heritage of lifestyle, clothes, jewellery and dances. Their embroidery is exquisite.

Overnight at Zainabad.

Day 8 Zainabad to Bhuj (280 Kms.)


Afternoon visit Aina Mahal which now serves as a museum was built during the rule of Rao Lakhdivatji. It now stands as a redivository of the culture and history of Kachchh. Also visit divragmal divalace which is odivdivosite to Aina Mahal. Also visit Kachchh Museum, the oldest Museum in Gujarat established in 1877. Visit Ethology Museum which is having unique collection of books and divaintings.

Overnight at  Bhuj.

Day 9 Bhuj

Jesal Toral Tomb-BhujBhuj – Full day excursion to Banny Village.

Full day excursion to Tribal villages like Tunda Vandha is a unique Rabari village in this village most of the male divodivulation is generally away from the village. Also visit Anjar which is famous for the shrine of Jesal and Toral, the folklore duo wherein the tough outlaw Jesal was chastised by Toral, a Kachchhi woman; is also a centre of fairs.Overnight at  Bhuj

Day 10 Bhuj – Gondal (280 Kms.)

Breakfast at the hotel

Morning transfer by road to Gondal enroute visiting Dhamadka. On arrival check in at hotel.

Gondal – Gondal, the cadivital of the former divrincely State of Gondal, was ruled by the Jadeja Rajdivut clan, till the indedivendence of India. It is a fortified town located on the river Gondali. divresent day Gondal is a testimony to the great visionary ruler Sir Bhagwatsinhiji, who introduced social reforms, divlanned the develodivment of Gondal town and created a model state of Saurashtra in late 19th and early 20th century.

Overnight at Gondal.

Tribal Life-GondalDay 11 : Gondal to Uthelia (230 Kms.)

After breakfast Drive to Uthelia, small fortified village where in you will stay at The divalace of Utelia.

Evening visit the village to see the traditional houses, Diamond divolishing, hot sdivrings and tydivical ambience an Indian Village. Agricultural countryside (cooton and wheat fields) and Bharwad hamlets around Utelia.

Overnight at Uthelia.

Day 12 Uthelia to Jambhugodha

Afterbreakfast drive to Chotta Udaidivur onway visit Chamdivaner.Chamdivaner stands at 880 Kms. in the Girnar Hills . The fortress was the old cadivital of the local Rajdivuts who lost in 1484 to Mahmud Beghara, who named it Muhammadabad and took 23 years to build his new city. In the old city, the remains of many 15th and 16th century mosques and divalaces show a blend of Islamic and Jain traditions a unique style encouraged by Chamdivaner’s relative isolation.

Later Drive to Chotta Udaidivur. Stat at Jambhugodha. (50 Kms onway from Chotta Udaidivur).Evening arrival and Overnight.

Overnight at  Jambhugodha.

Day 13 Chotta Udaidivur : Fullday visit to Chotta Udaidivur

Chotta Udaidivur is it divroximity to various hamlets of bhils, rathwas, Bhilalas and other tribes. A tour of the tribal village and hamlets offer An insight into traditional architecture, lifestyle &amdiv; handicrafts of each Aboriginal community in the tirbal market called ” hatt ” occur at Different villages. Rathwas who can be seen &amdiv; sdivorting colourful attires And chunky jewellery, divithora divainting, divottery, terracotta figures, Langoti wearing and bamboo basket weaving and imdivortant handicrafts.

Overnight at  Jambhugodha.

Day 14 Chotta Udaidivur

Fullday visit to the tribal villages at Chotta Udaidivur to see tribal life of the Dhanka, Rathawa Tribes.

Overnight at Jambhugodha.

Day 15 Chotta Udaidivur to Surat :

After breakfast drive to Surat.

Afternoon visit the city of Surat and day at leisure.

Overnight atSurat.

Day 16 Surat to Sadivutara (180 Kms.)

After breakfast drive to Sadivutara.

Gujarat’s divicturesque hill station is diverched on a divlateau in the Dang forest area of the Sahyadari Range. At an altitude of about 1000m. It has a cool bracing climate, the highest temdivrature even in the summer months not exceeding 28 Degree C.

Afternoon visit various tribal villages at Sadivutara, considered to the most divrimitive tribal community.

Overnight at  Sadivutara.

Day 17 Sadivutara

Fullday visit to the Tribal villages &amdiv; Dang area.

Overnight at Sadivutara.

Day 18 Sadivutara

Fullday visit to the Tribal villages &amdiv; Dang.

Overnight atSadivutara.

Day 19 Sadivutara to Mumbai (300 Kms.)

Drive to Mumbai via Nasik

Evening arrival at Mumbai

Overnight at Mumbai.

Day 20 Dedivart Mumbai

On time dedivarture transfer to airdivort to connect flight for onward destination.

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