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Karnataka as a state has developed into one of the most happening states in India. The technological boom in its capital, Bangalore, has brought in a sea of change in Karnataka tours. Tourism has developed tremendously and attracts thousands of tourists every day. The people here are warm and friendly, and the cuisine in Karnataka is exquisite with some truly mouth watering coastal and continental dishes.

The main reason why Karnataka has evolved in terms of tourism is due to the diversity it provides in the tourist destinations. Tourists get to see scenic parks, historical forts and palaces, calm backwaters and modern technological hubs. Shopping enthusiasts are never disappointed in Karnataka. Anything printed on a shop-alcoholics dictionary is bound to be available here. Honeymoon packages of Karnataka are also very popular.


Karnataka can be broadly split up into the coastal Karavali regions, the Western Ghats and the Deccan plains. Each of these regions has some unique culture and historical significance imprinted in them which can be ebest


Coastal regions - Karavali:

The Karavali forms the coastal region of Karnataka, including regions like Mangalore and Udupi. The Canara district also houses some major tourist destinations like Coorg. Travel to Coorg which is an extremely popular holiday as well as honeymoon destination.. The Mangalore port is an important trade centre in South India, with sea links to Africa and Europe. Mangalore is also developing as a technological haven, acting as a perfect subsidiary to Bangalore.


Tourist attractions:

This part of Karnataka is famous for its numerous temples. The Udupi Sri Krishna temple in Udupi is a major tourist destination. In addition, there are a number of religious temples, churches and mosques clustered around this region making it a pilgrim hot spot. Karnataka is among the most popular state and an inevitable destination for those planning a holiday in South India.


Western Ghats:

The Western Ghats is of great prominence to Karnataka as it is very important in bringing the monsoons to the state. The districts along the ghats are mainly coffee growing estates. Tourists should not miss visiting Coorg and enjoying Chikmagalur holidays, which are the most famous ones. The weather here is calm and cool due to the frequent rains and acts as a perfect summer retreat for those looking to book India travel packages.


The major tourist attractions here are the vast coffee plantations in Coorg. There lie numerous coffee brewing industries here, in addition to upcoming malls, making it an attractive tourist destination. The Jog falls is considered to be the highest in India, and it originates from these ghats. The green pastured lands surrounding the falls make it a nice cosy picnic spot, where tourists can enjoy leisure time with family and friends.


Deccan Plains:

The region surrounding the ghats is mainly the Deccan plains comprising of important cities like Bangalore and Mysore. The Deccan is the most populated area in Karnataka and it has developed fast ever since the technological boom. Tourists browse through various tour packages from Bangalore for a great holiday.


The main attraction here is the different king sized malls and shopping plazas in Bangalore, which is sure to be a shopper’s delight. The road side shops too offer something interesting. The Mysore palace is another major attraction one can enjoy on Mysore tour packages, showcasing the evergreen culture of Karnataka. No wonder then, that Karnataka has this perfect blend of technological revolution and cultural heritage!