"about fair and festivals"

about fair and festivals

India - an alluring land where there is brilliant assorted variety and greatness sparkles with innumerable fairs and celebrations that mirror the distinctive culture and exceptional social customs of this alluring nation. A tour to India can't be termed complete without immersing yourself in its colorful fairs and festivals that showcase the sweetness of its traditional arts and crafts. Full of endless joy and excitement, the festivals are a time to rejoice, celebrate life and cherish the memorable experience.

Celebrated with extraordinary eagerness and bliss, the fairs and celebrations offer great encounters to love for eternity. From the desert celebrations of Rajasthan, to the Durga Puja celebration of West Bengal, to the Goa Carnival, to the Ganapati in Maharashtra, to the snake boat fair in Kerala, a tour to India, especially during the fairs and festivals will definitely mesmerize you with its charm.

On your India trip, be a neighborhood of India's vibrant fairs and festivals to witness truth essence of its culture, traditions and customs fully vigor. Held at different towns, cities and villages from time to time, these fairs and festivals are an absolute treat for the soul. Pushkar Camel Festival, Holi in Mathura, Kumbh Mela, Eid, International Kite Festival, Surajkund Crafs Mela, Elephant Festival, Baisakhi, Rath Yatra and lots of more, of these festivals and fairs provide a memorable holiday experience.

Every month of the year is full of various fairs and festivals, with all celebrated during a different fashion. Numerous celebrations like Baisakhi which denotes the beginning of the gathering season, Christmas, Independence Day and Republic Day are commended with euphoria and exhilaration. Aside from these, Goa Carnival is an occasion that draws many tourists from various parts of the planet. It’s an active and colorful festival of fancy dresses, songs and music that gives ultimate pleasure and entertainment.

The annual five day long eye-catching Pushkar Fair of Rajasthan has thousands of tourists every year! It’s essentially a good that not only is a feast for the eyes, but also brings livestock, villagers, traders and buyers together. Besides the trading of animals like camels, cows, goats and sheeps, the folks dance, puppet shows and traditional music make an active spectacle that is still engraved within the heart forever.

Diwali, also referred to as the 'Festival of Light', is one such festival that's celebrated with great fervor everywhere India. Twinkling lights, diyas and candles illuminate the whole country as people worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi to hunt their blessings and exchange presents and sweets. Similarly, Holi, the festival of colours is another festival that's celebrated all across India. It’s an exuberant ritual where people placed on bright colors of gulal, splash one another with water colors, dance and luxuriate in mouthwatering sweets.

These are just a few of the fairs and festivals that are celebrated in various regions of India and there are more that are equally splendid and delightful. Be a neighborhood of those festivals and fairs, mingle with the friendly locals and don't miss the chance to explore the colourful culture of India. There are simply no words to explain the sensation of pleasure, delight and happiness of being a part of the festivals.

So, be a neighborhood of the dazzling fairs and festivals and find out the vivid lifetime of India during a very special way.

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