Fair and Festivals tour packages

The rich cultural heritage of India are often experienced best by joining within the festivities of 1 of its many vivacious festivals. India is usually entitled because the land of fairs and festivals. All the way through the year, assorted festivals are celebrated everywhere the country. Tourists based of various religions and ethnic backgrounds participate in these festivals and rejoice the spirit of life and hues of diverse cultures indigenous to the present country. Indian festivals call every visitor from all round the blue planet to plunge within the sense of utter celebration and commemoration. The festival tours to India take the tourists on the brink of the various cultural and traditional diversity of this nation. Thus, we've made a few reasonable yet comprehensive celebration visit bundles to relate with some of the nation's most throbbing celebrations.

Fair & Festivals Tour Packages

Inspire you to explore beyond the usual well-known locations.

popular fair and festivals in india

India - an alluring land where there is brilliant assorted variety and greatness sparkles with innumerable fairs and celebrations that mirror the distinctive culture and exceptional social customs of this alluring nation. A tour to India can't be termed complete without immersing yourself in its colorful fairs and festivals that showcase the sweetness of its traditional arts and crafts. Full of endless joy and excitement, the festivals are a time to rejoice, celebrate life and cherish the memorable experience.

Celebrated with extraordinary eagerness and bliss, the fairs and celebrations offer great encounters to love for eternity. From the desert celebrations of Rajasthan, to the Durga Puja celebration of West Bengal, to the Goa Carnival, to the Ganapati in Maharashtra, to the snake boat fair in Kerala, a tour to India, especially during the fairs and festivals will definitely mesmerize you with its charm.

popular fair and festivals in india

Fair and Festivals by month

Every month of the year is full of various fairs and festivals, with all celebrated during a different fashion. Numerous celebrations like Baisakhi which denotes the beginning of the gathering season, Christmas, Independence Day and Republic Day are commended with euphoria and exhilaration. Aside from these, Goa Carnival is an occasion that draws many tourists from various parts of the planet. It’s an active and colorful festival of fancy dresses, songs and music that gives ultimate pleasure and entertainment.


Fair and Festivals in January

India is famously alluded to as the nation of celebrations and festivities and along these lines the long stretch of January denotes the initiation of the happy season in India. The fairs and celebrations in India are praised with incredible eagerness and ceaseless pleasure.....


Fair and Festivals in February

Every a part of India has its own unique festival that draws travelers from far and wide. February is that the perfect time for celebrating festivity. There are a plethora of festivals in February that are celebrated with many rituals, fun, gusto and gaiety.....


Fair and Festivals in March

March, the month of colours , music and entertainment, is that the perfect time for experiencing the cultural great thing about the country. There are many interesting fairs and festivals in March that entice travelers from distant parts of the planet.....


Fair and Festivals in April

The fairs and festivals that are celebrated with great enthusiasm and color the month of April play a big role in promoting tourism of India. they provide you a chance to experience the fantastic culture of India. Each festival is widely known.....