A jewel in nature's crown


With a roaring sea lapping at its beautiful seashores and silver beaches, a thick cover of mangroves and verdant valleys blanketing most of its landscape, the port city of Ratnagiri is sort of a gem that has dropped from nature’s crown. Punctuated with majestic valleys, massive creeks and marshlands, the unadulterated gorgeous great thing about Ratnagiri, lying in Maharashtra’s Konkan region, would turn any city its size green with envy.



During the months of February to April, the town plays host to the Pacific ridley turtles, who come at the gorgeous Velas beach to get their eggs. The sight of thousand baby turtles scampering to the security of the ocean for his or her first journey is an experience not easily forgotten.

Surrounded by the spectacular Sahyadri range , Ratnagiri is additionally blessed a mess of waterfalls and an upscale flora and fauna. From recreational and sacred to historical and adventurous experiences, it offers everything that a traveller wishes for. Its scenic beauty, age-old forts, picturesque beaches and bustling fishermen hamlets make it a tremendous destination for travellers trying to find a peaceful and quaint experience. the town is additionally called because the land of Alphonso – the king of mangoes, for the ripe varieties that grow here.

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How to get there ?

By Air

The nearest airport is Ratnagiri Airport and Sambre Airport, about 170 km away.

By Road

Ratnagiri is well connected with motorable roads to all the major cities.


There are regular trains to Ratnagiri from all the major cities.


Ratnadurg Fort

Ratnadurg Fort

Visiting the well-maintained Ratnadurg Fort is among the simplest Konkan experiences. Designed to offer an impact of a horse shoe, this rugged fort is perched on a barren cliff and offers spectacular views of the Arabian Sea . inbuilt the 12th century during the Bahamani period, the fort is additionally referred to as the Bhagwati Fort, after the favored Bhagwati Devi Temple, which is found nearby.

Sprawling over a neighborhood of 120 acre, the fort is split into three parts. For a very enriching experience, take a walk along the ramparts of the fort and witness the endless sea lined with tiny villages and crowded fishermen hamlets. While three sides of the fort are encompassed by the ocean , a lighthouse rests on its fourth side. Though visitors cannot enter the lighthouse without permission, a bastion beside it houses four cannons, two of which are almost 12 ft long and bring a grand sight. Don’t miss some rare spots just like the statue of Maratha naval chief Kanhoji Angre, an age-old wooden pole and a mirror that was gifted by a Burmese king during his exile.

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Velas Beach

Velas Beach may be a popular eco-tourism site on Maharashtra’s stunning Konkan coast, which is at the start of the UNESCO World Heritage Western Ghats. per annum , within the quaint sea-side village of Velas, the beach is host to thousands of Pacific ridley turtles, who come here to get their eggs. because the sun dips into the ocean , setting alight the waters, and darkness descends, watching the turtles start their first journey towards the ocean may be a fascinating experience. The village hosts an annual Turtle Festival from February to May per annum when people close with conservationists and nature enthusiasts to boost awareness about the presence of turtles within the area. The hatching season lasts from February to April. While large stretches of India’s coastline are home to the turtle; Velas Beach is claimed to be the foremost popular nesting site on the Konkan coast.

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Velas Beach


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