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An emerald gem set amidst honey-hued beaches, pristine waterfalls and delightful crystal-clear backwaters, the coastal town of Bekal, snuggled within the heart of Kerala, may be a secluded and spectacular tourist destination. Home to the majestic 300-year-old Bekal Fort, the town is fringed by serene beaches that provide bewitching views of sunsets and thrilling opportunities for water sports and nature walks. The town also boasts an upscale cultural heritage that’s reflected in its unique handicrafts like granite idols, coconut products and wood carvings. Bekal is additionally a gateway to picturesque locations like Kannur and Kozhikode nearby.


The local Kannada author Rama Nayak once wrote that the name Bekal has been derived from “Baliakulam”, meaning an enormous palace. this is often a regard to a palace that was once located within the region. Over time, Baliakulam became Bekulam, and later, Bekal.

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How to get there

By Air

The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport in Karnataka, which is well-connected with the rest of India.

By Road

Bekal is well-connected with good motorable roads in the district as well as the state.


The nearest railway station is at Kasaragod, 16 km away.


Ananthapura Lake Temple

The strikingly beautiful 9th century Ananthapura Temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu and is situated within the middle of a lake. this is often the sole lake temple in Kerala and is taken into account to be the first abode of Lord Ananthapadmanabha. Devotees got to cross a bridge to succeed in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The lake temple offers amazing views of the encompassing hillocks and swaying palm and coconut trees. The gorgeous temple is additionally noted for being home to a 150-year-old crocodile, who is named Babia/ Babiya, and is taken into account to be the guardian of the temple. Visitors to the temple confirm to urge a glimpse of the crocodile. The Ananthapura Lake Temple is found at a distance of 30 km from Bekal and therefore the drive to the temple proves to be an equally beautiful and interesting experience.

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Bekal Fort

Known for its unique keyhole-shaped construction, the Bekal Fort was inbuilt 1650 AD by Shivappa Nayaka of Keladi. The fort has no palaces or mansions because it was never an administrative centre but remains one among the most important and well preserved forts in Kerala. Perched at an elevation of 130 ft above water level , the fort draws tourists from all corners of the country for its architecture and therefore the unmatched great thing about its surroundings. Tourists also can visit the lookout near the fort that has peepholes from where you’ll get amazing views. Other attractions near the fort include the Anjaneya Temple, which is noted for its masonry and two laterite Theyyam sculptures. Tourists also can visit the pristine Bekal Beach nearby, which is a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate amidst tranquil settings.

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Bekal Beach

One of the main tourist spots in Bekal, the pristine Bekal Beach is that the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate amidst tranquil settings. it’s one among the best white sand beaches in India and makes for a very blissful spot. The beach offers spectacular views of the Bekal Fort standing tall altogether its glory. Gorgeous views of the sun setting over the ocean amid the sight of swaying palm trees increase the serene vibe of the beach. Tourists also can swim within the calm waters of the ocean and visit the well-maintained Bekal Beach Park, which offers variety of entertainment facilities. An extension of the beach, the park is found next to Bekal Fort. There are a couple of food stalls within the park where one can relish local delicacies. The clean and calm beach is maintained by the Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (BRDC) and lies at a distance of 16 km from Kasargod.

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Coconut Products

The landscape of Bekal is dotted with swaying coconut trees. because of the abundance of those , the talented craftsmen of Kerala are experimenting with their creativity since ages and creating beautiful and eco-friendly products from shells of coconuts. the method of crafting these articles is an intricate one. Firstly, the hard coconut shell is smoothened, then it’s cut and carved using edge tools, especially designed for the aim . From daily use items like bowls, tea pots, cups, spoons and ash-trays to decorative items like lamp shades, vases, wall hangings and floor mats, the handicraft stores in Bekal house a good range of coconut shell handicraft articles. Some products made up of coconut shells like hookahs and enormous vases also are encased in brass to reinforce their beauty and sturdiness .

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Granite Idols

The talented artists of Bekal have earned a reputation for his or her brilliant craftsmanship and skill of carving out idols of varied gods and goddesses from granite. This centuries-old craft has been admired by tourists from far and wide. The Karumadikuttan idol of Lord Buddha in Alappuzha may be a fine example of the creative excellence of the sculptors of the state. Dating back to the 11th century, this idol is formed of solid black granite.

The art of creating these idols is passed down generations and therefore the time taken to finish a sculpture depends upon its size. The staple is usually brought from quarries in Tamil Nadu , Ambasamudram then carved out. you’ll buy a spread of intricately carved granite sculptures at various handicraft shops within the area.

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Hosdurg Fort

The hilly region of Kasaragod district is home to variety of impressive forts that were either built as military bastions or wont to function important commercial and cultural centres. One such fort is that the noted Hosdurg Fort, one among the various legendary forts built by Somashekara Nayak of the Ikkeri dynasty. it’s popularly referred to as the Kanhagad Fort and invites visitors with its arresting architecture. The round bastions of the fort are its primary features and may be seen from a distance. Hosdurg Fort is additionally home to the internationally-renowned spiritual centre, Nithyanandashram, which has 45 caves. Tourists also can visit the Karpooreshwara Temple located right next to the fort. Hosdurg Fort is found at a distance of 15 km from Bekal and 5 km from Kanhagad.

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Often called the crown of Kerala thanks to its natural treasures, Kannur is believed to be the place from where timber was collected for the development of Jerusalem’s great temple by the ships of King Solomon. it’s trade links dating back to the days of Arabs, Romans and Greeks. Preserving its rich heritage well, Kannur invites tourists for its notable shrines and ancient forts. Rubbing shoulders with its history are quaint golden sand beaches and delightful weaves that bring great shopping options. While here, you’ll also witness Theyyam, a well-liked kind of the region.

The Kannur Fort or St Angelo’s Fort, situated 3 km from Kannur, may be a major attraction that was built by the primary Portuguese Viceroy of India, Dom Francisco de Almeida, in 1505. The fort stands as a testament to Kannur’s colonial past and is one among the foremost visited tourist spots in Kannur. The Moppila Bay and Arakkal Mosque also are located nearby.

Kannur is additionally noted for its pristine beaches and therefore the hottest is Muzhappilangad, which may be a drive-in beach. Driving in your car along the Long Beach makes for a very thrilling experience. Located only 2 km from Nadal Junction in Kannur, the Ezhara Beach is one among the unspoilt beaches here.

Kannur is additionally known for its temples and therefore the ancient Peralassery Sri Subrahmanya Temple is one among the foremost gorgeous temples in Kerala. the most attraction of the temple is its pond, which makes for the right photography point. Dedicated to Lord Subramanya, the temple may be a must-visit site.

For nature and wildlife lovers, Kannur has the Aralam Sanctuary nestled within the Western Ghats. Located at a distance of 55 km from Kannur, the sanctuary is home to a huge sort of flora and fauna. a number of the common sightings include deer, elephants, boars, bison and various sorts of squirrels. Kannur is found at a distance of 80 km from Bekal and may easily be reached in two hours.

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Formerly referred to as Calicut, Kozhikode is one among Kerala’s best cities and its pristine beaches and authentic Malabar cuisine have made it a well-liked tourist site. Kappad Beach is one among the foremost popular attractions in Kozhikode. Tourists can enjoys various water sports at the beach, which features a stone monument to commemorate the arrival of Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer, to India on May 27, 1498.

Another popular site is Kozhikode Beach, which is visited by an outsized number tourists who enjoy taking morning and evening strolls at the well-maintained walkway. The pristine beach is lined with vendors selling snacks, ice creams and locally made beverages. If you’re trying to find a quieter experience, head to Beypore Beach where you’ll enjoy long nature walks.

For birdwatchers, the Kalalundi aviary , which is home to a good sort of avifauna and fishes, is an appealing option. one among the simplest experiences to require in Kozhikode may be a visit to the Iringa Crafts Village, where you’ll see skilled artisans and craftsmen at work and buy exquisite handicrafts.

To get a glimpse of the city’s rich cultural heritage, visit the Pazhassirajah Museum located on East Hill. travel by the State Archeological Department, the museum houses an excellent collection of ancient murals, antique bronzes, old coins and megalithic structures. Right next to the museum is an gallery that displays a number of the best works of the eminent painter Raja Ravi Varma.


Kozhikode is additionally popular for its majestic waterfalls. Located at a distance of 46 km from the town , the Arrippara Waterfall may be a paradise for nature lovers and also draws an outsized number of adventure enthusiasts with opportunities for foam rafting.

Apart from its spices, the town is additionally popular for the scrumptious Kozhikodian halwa, banana chips and attractive souvenirs like miniature snake boats. The city’s SM Street Market is one among the oldest markets of the Malabar region and provides an excellent shopping experience for tourists. Kozhikode is found at a distance of 170 km from Bekal and makes for an excellent one-day excursion.

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Mallikarjuna Temple

Fringed by swaying coconut and palm trees, the gorgeous Mallikarjuna Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and draws pilgrims with its splendid architecture and relaxing vibes. The Kumbala river flowing accessible , adds to the picturesque great thing about the place. consistent with legend, the idol of Lord Shiva within the temple was installed by Arjuna, one among the Pandavas from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The temple is additionally popular for hosting the annual Jathra Mahotsavam during the month of March. one among the main attractions here is that the Yakshagana performance, which takes place every evening within the temple premises. Another highlight of the temple are the yearly Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations that invite thousands of pilgrims from all parts of the state. The temple is found at the guts of Kasargod town and may easily be reached from Bekal.

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Drenched in colonial charm and set amidst picturesque surroundings, the coastal town of Thalassery is understood because the land of cricket, circus and cakes.

It is said that British wont to play tons of cricket in Thalassery which circus in India was born during this town. the various bakeries serving decadent and delicious cakes make Thalassery one among the foremost wanted spots to shop for cakes from.

Nestled in Kannur district, this beautiful town attracts visitors with its ancient forts, quaint churches, splendid beaches and ornate temples. Popularly referred to as the Paris of Malabar, the town held special importance within the Malabar region during British , French and Portuguese reigns.

Built by British Malay Archipelago Company within the 18th century, the Thalassery Fort is that the most-visited tourist spot that casts a spell on visitors with its unique architecture and old world charm. The grand fort is adorned with intricately carved doors, large windows and attractive murals. Located right next to the fort is that the majestic, white-coloured English Church or Saint Jonh’s Anglican Church , which is claimed to be one among the primary to be built on the Malabar coast. The Muzhappilangad Beach in Thalassery is noted for being one among the most important drive-in beaches within the country and one can enjoy a car drive on the beach during sunsets, which makes for a very blissful experience.

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Valiyaparamba Backwaters

A secluded and stunning span of backwater stretches, Valiyaparamba bowls one over with its scenic charms. An idyllic spot to rejuvenate and admire nature, it’s the right retreat for nature lovers. Its lush green flora, sparkling blue backwaters and an unspoilt beach make it irresistible. Valiyaparamba has emerged as a premier tourist backwater resort, because of the gorgeous islands dotting it but it’s still very peaceful and non-commercialised, which makes it a tremendous place to unwind and spend some leisure at. Take a soothing boat ride at sunset and witness the place at its scenic best as you undergo pretty islands adorned with swaying coconut trees. Tourists can either hire house boats or take the general public jetty to explore the natural great thing about the backwaters. you’ll also picnic along the shores. Valiyaparamba is found at a distance of 30 km from the coastal town of Bekal.

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Yoga and Meditation

Bekal may be a haven for yoga practitioners and for those that wish to meditate. Kerala’s yoga studies and detox methods have gained popularity over the past few years and lots of yoga institutes have sprung up within the state. The scenic town of Bekal offers the right settings to enjoys yoga and unwind within the lap of nature. The city’s luxurious health retreats and spas are quite popular among travellers visiting the town for its relaxing and fresh vibes. The experience of learning yoga from trained teachers is actually transcendental. you ought to definitely come to Bekal if you’re in need of a complete detox and permit the peace and serenity of the town to heal you.

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