The different forms of yoga in India

The different forms of yoga in India

One of the most ancient practices of yoga is rooted in Indian traditions.  It has become an integral part of many lives here, and yoga in India is something that many travellers are curious to discover during their holidays. Ayurveda & Yoga Tour Packages in India with Namaskar India Tour. Over the years there are many yoga schools that have evolved, each with their own characteristics. An overview of the main types of yoga that are most popular in India, as well as some of the best yoga ashrams in India, is given below.

Is it clear to you that “yoga” is not just a holistic practice? As a matter of fact, yoga refers to much more than the asanas or poses that have become a kind of training on the planet. It is about the maximum of what is mental and spiritual because it is the physical, and perhaps a set of disciplines whose ultimate goal is to achieve moksha or liberation.


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